Thursday, 11 June 2009

Stunned to say the least...

Here is an alliteration of the news I heard this morning once I awoke: Our talismanic talent of traitorous tendencies has tripped over his own ego thus defecting to Real Madrid in the scornful eyes of our totalitarian.

Here is an haiku of the news I heard this morning once I awoke:

Disgraceful bastard,
One wishes him the best in,
All he hopes to do (!)

Here is the good news to counter the effect of the bad: I've been in talks with a leading disability charity who wish for my help with the production of their new website i.e the design, content whilst also working alongside marketing and support network maybe even the council elect. I would sort out disability rights, no problem and whats more I wouldn't even expect a payment or expense charge.

Whereas yesterday prior to mentor training I was in discussions with the local council with helping their new project to support disabled adults in the area which I would do my best to aid but at the age of 20 I'm hardly a voice of experience.

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