Thursday, 25 June 2009

If You Change History, how would you do it?

Just as the question asks, would you change a particular incident or kill someone off before they caused mass of destruction ala Hitler, Stalin which the Times piece reflected a few days ago:

Personally I liked all the points made however none focused on the recent crimes in Africa, the Mugabe reign is one I would end in an instant if I had many choices. Murdering Hitler would of been too easy, another Nationalist would of come along to provoke the angry and betrayed Germans into striking back and as one commented, could of been a even worse as a ' better strategist and military leader than Hitler, but still as evil. The consequences of which are unthinkable'.

What do you think? Comments are more then welcome.

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Ewarwoowar said...

A fascinating question. It's very easy to say "Oh, I'd kill Hitler" but the point is a valid one that a better strategist might have replaced him.

The picture captured on CCTV of Thompson & Venables leading James Bulger to his death will always haunt me, even more so after my brother was born. I would go back to that moment, and do anything to stop that from happening.