Saturday, 28 February 2009

Story of Hyato Hirano

During the Second World War, British soliders were kept capative at a little known prisoner of war camp in a swamp in the heart of Japan were violently beaten by sadastic guards hellbent on causing misery as they were unable to fight for Japan. Disease raging, terrible diet of seaweed and dirty water left the men one step away from a depressing death, in their disgusting huts.

But one man did his utmost to save those in his supervision, his name was Hyato Hirano. Facing exectution for his betrayal he secretly fed John Baxter and his comrades also refused to beat them. His goodwill shows a side of humailty and care even amongst the most disturbed, angered soliders. It's a tale of a bond within the ruthless enemies.

To show their gratiude upon the H Bomb that destoyed Japan who had surrended on August 15th 1945, US forces delivered food to the British disease ravaged prisioners who duly rewarded Hyato Hirano's family and they showed their apprieation by throwing a farewell party.

Decades passed by, Baxter attended a VJ Day in Japan to mark the 50th anniversary of the surrender and was recongized by Hirano and they have kept in contact since.

Some people can make a huge difference by doing something of such courage and compassion. Of course these people are outnumbered by those who relentlessly pursure their own aims and protect themselves only. But we can take heart that the World isn't such a terrible place.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


In the admist of an essay on Sunset Boulevard whilst reading Thomas More's Utopia in the writer block periods that has become more frequent then desired, I read more into the tragic death of the Conversative leader David Cameron's 6 year old son Ivan.

Now, I usually display the emotion and heartfelt sympathy as often as Thomas More himself who has been a headless corpse since 1535 thanks to that lovable bastard Henry VIII's orders.

But this story has real poignancy, utterly heartbreaking for the Camerons upon knowing their first child was unlikely to live till he became a teenager due to a rare cerberal palsy disorder which encaptured his young life following a admission to hospital. They must of realised their son's life was never going to be one of longeitivy, normality and stress free but to be cut short at the age of six? How depressing. With not only the love of the friends and family but the support of the nation indeed the Prime Minister who spoke in tribute hopefully they can put this despair to one side and celebrate the little time they had with him.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Aims in Life

An Italian author who goes by the name of Primo Levi once said

“The aims of life are the best defense against death.”

I agree wholeheartedly, one must have other aims in order to achieve peace with their soul. To preserve, live healthily and securely surrounded by family and friends is a clique in my eyes but so true.

My ultimate aim has changed over the years however I know now, that I wish to educate the Deaf children. Not only through the medium of teaching but other avenues such as creating thought provoking films with an associate of mine who has similar views that the hiearachy of Deaf education needs to face facts, the system needs to undergo modernization. Also I wish to construct articles, blogs such as this to appeal to the masses of young Deaf chidren informing them that what they face is not a lonely journey.

Secondly I wish to raise not only money but awareness for Deaf Charities and various Meningitis Organizations as I managed to surive aged 3 to the cost of my hearing this terrible illness not to mention help Pneumonia sufferers too that I overcame in the same year. Another area of medical experise is those who deal with premature babies, I never realised how lucky I was to be three months premature then lived when I hear tragic stories and this was down to the Doctors that operated on me. For that, I wish to raise cash for them too.

Visit these excellent sites if you so wish...

The End, The Afterlife and The Consquences.

It was 5am, after four hours of familiar ringing sensations in the ears desperately unable to sleep conflicting thoughts raged in my mind. One example being, death and how would not only I personally die but those around me. It has always troubled me from a young age, as others smiled and daydreamed in Biology class I was sat in deep thought even imagining a terrible explosion at the school I ventured to.

We can hope for the best but we truely do not know as the news that a heatwave has caused havoc to southern Australia as temperatures hit 45C with already 86 people tragically coming to their end. To burn to death or to see a family member die in front of your very eyes is heartbreaking even to someone of lesser feeling such as myself.

Even more soul touching is how they will cope in the ever questionable afterlife and how can someone so young perish and for what reason is another question when I see such tragedy. Is there a overlapping reason, surely we are more substantial then mere figureines in God's strange and complex universe. Whether to believe the facts and traditions of religion is another story...

As I sat in a lecture on Thursday on Medieval Literature, our lecturer discussing various poems from the times of innocence where to die in battle was seen as an honour, it invoked personal thinking. For all of my life I thought that, to die a heoric figure of admiration and to be spoke of decades after my departure is the only way to go.

Many pieces of literature spoke of this valant pride of the men that lived in these times. One quote from Beowolf to the Seafarer in the 8th to 11th Century, it all added to the intensity of the thoughts from the days where they believed only the honourable, not the earthly wealthly reached the pearly gates of Heaven. As much as I'd like to believe this, if God was such a outstanding gentleman with the craft to create all we forsee surely He would not think in this manner.

'from those everlasting joys, the daring shall not die'

Saturday, 7 February 2009

The Invisible Enemy- Tinnitus

Darkness is a favourite associate of mine. When dealing with something as incontrolable and never diminishing as tinnitus ringing loudly, your mind has no option but to shut it out and isolation befalls your very existence. You clean to calm, drink to forget all whilst sitting in the dark binded with the very soul destroyer you despise.

Its like sitting with your girlfriend who is looking at you angirly and armed with a machete that she repeatedly cuts you with. Yet you still wish to be with her.