Wednesday, 17 June 2009

BBC Four: Currently The Finest Channel on Television?

I ask this on the aftermath of watching perhaps the finest Henry VIII programme to rival the likes of David Starkey not to forget the Poetry season and many cultural shows that put the rest of the BBC to shame. In the midst of 'Henry VIII: Patron or Plunderer?' available readily on iPlayer where I've just watched it as the dear lady sleeps.

It was perhaps a rarity for a documentary, it was eye-opening and deeply interesting to see the architectural developments ties to Henry's reign. Also the importance of the Tudor dynasty to the world renowned educational power house of Cambridge and two colleges- Christ and St Johns that still to this day look remarkable. My brother is an successful architect however even if these buildings as inconceivable as it would be to build them now without such chaotic planning were commissioned by say, the Queen to design now he and many of his counterparts would probably struggle to grasp the aura and outstanding features. The presenter to his credit did his best to recreate the vividness of the buildings in those days with his quick sketches and eloquence through out.

Of course even in architecture, Henry found and ruthlessly executed threats such as the Duke of Buckingham in 1521 on grounds of treason (essentially he had Royal ties and plenty of money to match). Almost a creation to deceive the public much like threat of terrorism that looms over us of the Tudor times- the wealthy whom were seen as too greedy and self involved which is ironic considering even the patronage that ambitious monarch is underrated for as his legacy is more synonymous for his pure lust for women and bloody recursions for those who crossed him.

So inspiring that I've even started a second short story for the Manchester Young Person's Writer competition set in the Tudor times, a young knight whom after the Battle of the Spurs returns disillusioned and is soon seen as a rival so forced to live in exile until his return 20 years later to defend his proud family name leading to tragedy. Those who read my work previously will notice I tend to forgone the conclusion that an happy ending is possible with as much grittiness whilst attempting to write in a elegant manner that many may see as too complex.

Additionally, I've written articles hopefully to be of interest for the Hearing Times on matters such as subtitling, an emerging Deaf modelling talent and the story of a friend whom was a victim to police discrimination of the Deaf and their brutality (a recurring theme in the first short story). It took place in Ibiza whilst holidaying so hopefully that exclusive, rather well timed after the terrible (I liked the part at the end with the officer pushing the chav away I must admit) Police video in Nottingham of the drunken individual and four officers so a word or two of advice for my fellow 20 year olds- don't drink excessively, the Police if not the local thugs will get you.

Now it's time to sleep as one must head back to the delightful surroundings of North Yorkshire for two weeks back at home before undertaking charity meetings and Houses of Parliament campaign planning for the disability rights. Hopefully an administration job in the city too seeing as my employment at a restaurant ceased without even so much a letter of notification (perhaps I needed to be less threatening and more friendly but then again, what's the fun in that).

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