Saturday, 30 May 2009

'If music be the food of love, play on...'

Upon a visit to the Wolverhampton Art Gallery; the good lady and I ventured in anticipation whilst enjoying the sunshine on our walk before we marvelled over the Contemporary Collection in the thoroughly impressive infrastructural organization (considering it's free entry with many staff working voluntarily) and decor of the Gallery area downstairs. We never made it upstairs to view upon the Victorian artworks or even the shop filled with postcards and other obscenely priced insignificant objects.

The centrepiece of the exhibition-Andy Warhol’s many pieces of work, factual details of his past also an interesting talk from a close friend of his, Anthony d’Offay who spoke of the personality behind the creativity. It was an excellently well delivered talk, humorous but also poignant thus far greater than watching documentaries or read numerous articles and books on the iconic figure (even if the film did star the mightily attractive Sienna Miller). It's worth noting the gallery didn't rest on its laurels, they enclosed the space and staff roamed to chase those upstairs possessed like members of the S.S. Least not forget, the contemporary photographic prints of Richard Billingham and Paul Graham also impressive too likewise the atmosphere amongst guests.

It made me think, seeing as I'm practically 95 per cent deaf and as I couldn't hear what my lady labelled a 'posh, unassuming' accent of d'Offay, I had to read the lips of his friend and his own to the best I could. Then I wondered of my interest in art which is not to the extent of my mother who is greatly gifted with a paintbrush or pencil for which she attended a London Art College of some sort or my older brother's work but is much like my interest of Renaissance Literature that outshine my musical tastes. Which is surprising considering my brother and younger sister also many of my associates have a deep interest in music perhaps, music to the hearing world is what inspirational literature and the occasional splendid artwork is to me.

Friday, 29 May 2009

Ferh Ellen Wroec

Remarkable sunshine descended upon the City of Wolverhampton today, the large lakeside park full of life and smiles on all the faces- young and old. Even ventured to the local publican, the last time I did so, ended in a painful defeat for the beloved Manchester United. A carvery, a meal suitable for a King in the warm glow of the sun rays with an ice cold drink whilst sat in on benches overlooking Tettenhall Road.

Once returned, it seems that the move to another hall of residence block is not paramount so instead of vexing over packaging like many of my fellow peers I could afford to relax with the good lady. I watched the BBC Four showing of Michael Wood on Beowulf as I planned to do tomorrow afternoon following the supposed move. Deeply insightful in the connection with the Anglo-Saxon world with many pieces forming the jigsaw of one of the finest pieces of English Literature in history, a classic tale of a heroic knight. The presenter travelled far across the British Isles despite the story taking place in a Scandinavian territory. He also luckily to British Museum to see the sole remaining manuscript which has never been filmed before interchanging with a cleverly edited solo performance from an actor by the name of Julian Glover telling the tale to many modernist Anglo Saxon tribe followers or more like akin to a tribute act.

Most surprisingly during the course of his travels, East Anglia was seen as a inspiration in the ancient times to the unknown creator in the 7th Century or thereabouts and it wasn't until the 10th Century did scribes begin to write down the wondrous rise and eventual death of Beowulf. Links with paganism and Sutton Hoo 'a place of old legends of royal tombs and hidden gold' were also greatly exposed and articulately detailed.

I shan't ruin your viewing if you have not already seen it or perhaps awaiting to view it on Sky Plus. If not, BBC iPlayer steps into the breach once more;

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The BBC's Poetry Season.

I cannot sleep profusely with the irritation of tinnitus so I switched the laptop onto re-watch a segement of the BBC's latest series on Poetic works of classical works and modernists. Finally, poetry has been elevated from the dusty library books to the flat screen television's across the UK which all started last week with the very passionate and over-excitedly giddy Griff Rhys Jones on BBC Two's Why Poetry Matters programme that showed many contributors especially liked to hear similar (I had to wear headphones of course) Yorkshire dialect of Simon Armitage who also writes wonderfully as he sounds .

But the one I've awaited until tonight which I watched keenly- Armando Iannucci in Milton's Heaven and Hell especially as I wrote an essay in the first semester on whether the poets Wyatt and Milton of such strong beliefs attempts to challenge the poetic conventions of the times. It seems according to Plashing Vole that I did not need to research, countlessly re-read and write such a exaggeratedly tedious essay in hope I showed my full understanding. But one thing I couldn't prove was, not that I understood it but that I was in complete awe that he could establish so many factors into the works of Paradise Lost and that is precisely what Iannucci does.

The programme is perhaps a tad simplistic at times especially for those who have read Paradise Lost more then a couple of times it also shows the wider picture linking the allusions to the inner thinking of perhaps the most learned poet I have encountered. Also the background work before the aforementioned epic was mentioned freely and I rather liked the part when Iannucci explained Milton's morality citing the works of Areopagitca saying it was 'the most perfect expression in English of defence and freedom of speech' therein lead to the belief that Milton saw books as having 'intrinsic merit.' It goes on to describe the passage leading to Milton's imprisonment and how he wrote, whilst blinded and assisted by a friend, Paradise Lost.

If you missed it, here is a chance to view it once again on that rather useful device BBC iPlayer which handily for me comes with subtitles so I shan't need the headphones I've packed.

I shall be tuning into the BBC Four showing of the Anglo-Saxon world – to reveal the origins of our literary heritage in Michael Wood On Beowulf. Hopefully, if you haven't already then so shall you.

Oh lord, it seems one must sleep now. Ciao.

Last Night vs. Today

Terribly depressed this morning following the Champions League final defeat of Barcelona in Rome, I walked out of the publican looking alarmingly at the future with an facial expression akin to having the worries of the world on my shoulders and in mourning. Aside from the technical points that lead to the defeat I was asking myself will the United side re-establish themselves as a true contender to Barcelona's title next season? Will Christano Ronaldo stay on or venture to Madrid in a petulant display that he has become synonymous with? It'll be yet another media fest this summer.

However today was lively with the packing, reading and story writing in the bright sun and visits to the park and Art Gallery planned for tomorrow; keenly looking ahead to the exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery with fine Contemporary works. It isn't Tate Modern, but it'll do.

Good news regarding the MP scandal, as touched upon by Plashing Vole as the wall of silence has crumbled and people are now paying for their greed. Marvellous. However just three MPs to date are considering standing down, what about the rest of the freeloaders. Yes, they earn less then many high paying professions in this country however they aren't here for personal gain but to establish democracy and freewill.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Oh Lord...

I've actually found myself actually agreeing to the words of the Conservative Leader David Cameron without wishing him to be hurt by been rugby tackled through a shop window which incidentally was on the 4th storey floor.

Reform is needed, he is precisely correct but why couldn't Gordon Brown be as brave and calculating? I also agree with the stance Cameron took upon the expenses row, he was a hardliner and ruthless which is exactly what this ailing country needs before greed, drugs, knifings and wars take hold. He rightfully points out that 'from politics, government and the state, there's a sense of power and control draining away; having to take what we're given, with someone else pulling the strings' but the question remains, can he realistically change matters?

Also why is the discursiveness of regional assemblies so apparent? I mean, Jesus Christ this line worried me 'our reforms will take the power over education out of the council's hands and put it directly in parents' hands, so they have control' which leads to the conclusion that's more turkey twizzlers, shorter amounts of time students spend in school and lessened homework with more TV, video gaming and of course no visible discipline at any time. Let them run amok. Brilliant!

Lastly, a mention to one of the greatest football manager of all time. Sir Matt Busby whom you can read about in the link below: if alive he'd been 100 today, Rest in Soft Peace.

North Korean Isolation.

Once again the World has taken note of the North Korean threat after their second attempt to test their weaponry which hopefully shan't lead to a battle of the superpowers a la the Soviets and the Americans in the Cold War or worse. But who is to blame; the leaders of the most isolated and ignored state on the Planet or the way the World leaders have treated them?

Our Prime Minister added: "The international community will treat North Korea as a partner if it behaves responsibly. If it does not, then it can expect only renewed isolation." Yet either way it will end in conflict that even Obama himself cannot prevent.

So the Koreans and the Iranians were secretly developing these terrifying missiles whilst the rest of us entertained ourselves with reality television, iPods and drinking excessive amounts.

Goes to show you can trust no-one in this murky life.

Ignorance vs. Arrogance.

Which trait is the most offensive? If you met someone on the bus who was vilely ignorant, an utter moronic stranger who uttered their dislike or typical stereotyping of a minority would you chastise them or hope they quietened if you said nothing in response. Or would you be more annoyed by someone's arrogance, boasting of the weekend's champagne drinking sexual conquests?

This is what faced me in my first night at my new restaurant in town whereby I have started to work tending to the bar and waiting, far different from my days in York as I have now chosen to wear my hearing aid to assist in taking orders e.t.c when in the past I'd rather struggle then be judged before I have even opened my mouth. Consequently, as they are paying it's unlike to a social situation and my hatred of people had to be dimmed slightly otherwise I'd been sacked. But of course I spotted the odd disapproving look, one woman acted with such contempt with the arrogant dismissing tone and refusal to acknowledge my effort in carrying a ton of plates filled with hot Rojan Josh. Another man, was the ignorant soul who presumed I was completely unintelligent and below his mightily high standards whilst sat with his co-workers of some hopefully struggling business.

This was just one night. An insight into the society we live in. Little wonder our MPs are scum too.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Guess This Is Goodbye, then.

Sadly, the very soul that I championed over his lambasting of two MPs in the House of Commons has been branded to blame for all the ills of expense claims in an petty week of political scaremongering alas he shall walk away from his commitments. Perhaps the right decision but it strikes me as unfair that the attention diverted to Michael Martin and not the MPs who took thousands- classic trick to save their own skins.

My story is flowing well with ideas starting to develop also took time to visit the Ikon Art Gallery featuring a strange conceptional art project by two bald pale faced males throwing lemons at each other. Close to the Bullring in Birmingham with the lady meeting her mother and sister for the first time also enjoyed the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery where I learnt of Renaissance artworks in pleasant surroundings far greater satisfaction than shopping for consumer goods.

Although, I must admit I rather liked the stylish but shockingly priced goods of a certain store in the Bullring (has outlets across the UK) especially this suit which I would literally strangle my own relative for...

(I shan't participate in such murderous crimes but would plead insanity if I did. Or divert police attention by blaming Michael Martin)

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Thoughts on Educational Stance vs. Tempetation

To those who know me well, it's evident that I do not portray my thoughts in perhaps the way they would like me too. It's one of the reasons I originally did this blog, I find it difficult to convey my inner feelings leading to frustration hence the title 'Tales of Isolation and Anger' if you ever wondered. I've been thinking, mulling over things even in the company of ladies; amidst of another title win for Manchester United, the freedom summer despite the less then pleasing climates offers and the absent of assignments other then a short story I previously blogged about for a competition.

Whilst reading a marvellous book on Deaf education and the clear need for more deaf teachers as the University tutors told me when I arrived last summer to sign up for an interpreting degree "You cannot hear, you would be far better studying to be a teacher for the deaf... you could be a role model using your English capabilities" its clear many deaf students would respond better to a fellow deaf person educating them. But I realise I need to inspire using a balanced teaching using an personal adaptation of Barbara Wolfe's pedagogy model (ideal for passive learners, become an authoritarian with emphasis on the subject) or alternatively an andragogy (active learner based, problem centered and perhaps out of curiosity I would teach them). Incredibly hardwork, spotting who needs to be taken aside perhaps work upon their communication and biological development to those who are pressured by social constraints.

On the other side of the coin, rather then pursue a relentless charge to be a teacher with my communicative annoyances in a predominately hearing environment needing two years training at a mainstream school once graduated and claimed my P.G.C.E in a location I'm still undecided about there is the temptation to become a writer or journalist instead. Writing stories and for the Hearing Times, applying for Guardian trainee ship am I telling myself something?

Perhaps doing Creative Writing alongside English Literature instead of Deaf Studies and possibly moving to Manchester University to do M.A would be a better option. Like many other 20 year old students, I'm in a state of unawares- the transition period from being a student to employment requires deep thought and many go travelling or work immediately. In my mind, I feel I haven't the time to travel or rest on my loins so my decision making needs to be done sooner rather then later.

If you feel/felt the same or wish to advice myself and the other student bloggers then do comment.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

British Cities vs The Countyside

Two completely different spectrum's, one particularly the emerging financial epic centre of the world before the recession and now after my most recent stay in London- I believe there is this hyperbole of expense and glamour when placidly falling into a divisional mood whilst the other is traditional and less unforgiving. I noted the only smile was registered by a bemused Japanese tourist who was presumably in search of the typical British humour filled with colloquial mostly Cockney slang instead met a wall of silence. Secondly in York where I lived last year in the similar delusional self derivation and rush to get to office jobs that they would rather lose then continue for another 20 years of the same anal paperwork.

However whilst London has been flattened by its own expectations, York similarly with other cities I've visited recently; Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds also the regenerated parts of Birmingham seem to have quietly improved in it's contemporary surroundings also standards of transportation, employment and living. Essentially its also more friendly with the vibe around the streets away from the City centre thus more pleasing to be involved in. Less knife carrying Yardie types disembowelling their rivals or suited smug City types hovering around yet the likes of St James’s Square where the apartments cost more then an African yearly budget and just equidistant from Buckingham Palace looked pleasing on the eye but there is no sense of community or consideration for others and of course too expensive to lead to the belief you could one day live there so there is growing detachment perhaps.

Nevertheless, York has it's beautiful artistry too with many buildings not to mention York Minister which I still find one the most stunning architecture in the UK if not Europe (I'm against the Euro, if you ask) but its the surroundings of York that I love dearly. Within the calm, natural countryside that I was brought up there is little of this City bravado and mystifying isolation you feel en route to the bleedin' shops. I'd much rather visit t'shop rather than 'Tesco Direct'.

With the economy woes, summer holidays aboard will be sparse so instead of alternative trips to the English cities on a weekend spending spree in Oxford St/Trafford Centre and the like I'd suggest families and friends visit the Yorkshire Dales or perhaps Cumbria maybe even Kent.

Monday, 11 May 2009

'The Speaker' a New Heroic Figure.

A man known only as 'The Speaker' sounding more like a gangster or rap artist. Real name is of course, Micheal Martin or as I like to refer him as MMA- Mixed Martin Arts.

Utterly savaged three MPs in the House of Lords today, a fine display of British aggression and eloquence I thought. The video shown with the Times article highlight also, his Northern Irish accent adds to the allure of absolute batterings the vile MPs would get if they met him in an alleyway, he'd rip them to pieces without so much of a blood speck on his smart attire.

What a man. An icon some would say, it's time to voice our opinions and complain to the Government much like Joanna Lumley's Gurkha campaign which I haven't mentioned on this blog as it's completely blown out of proportion on the media but still a worthwhile ambition of hers to get them all residency.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Small part of Tales of I&A feels better..

After that horrific video and discovery that as the fire went up so fast amongst the wood, plastic and paint leaving looking like a bomb went off also those who did not go onto the pitch tried to escape via the toilets to the gates which as the game was on... were locked. One person even got killed by the turnstile in a mad rush ending up crushed. As the anniversary is today, many more sad thoughts by the Yorkshire families of whom I feel affiliated to.

This news bizarrely cheered me up. Lets hope the golf skills of Sir Fred do not suffer, the cheating toe rag probably gets his golf buddy to help increase chances of winning by greasing up the opponents golf club or jesting him backed by pictural 'evidence' of his wife with the milkman (porn star paid for by Goodwin) to put him off.

In the end, the good shall perish and the bad guys reign whilst such a modicum of a victory like this is a symbolises how society can alienate these fuckers.

Terrible end to otherwise a good day.

The interview in Manchester with the Featherstones went extremely well, I have enough material for even more then a double page spread on the sacrifices they made for their son and the book produced by the family and friends that has attracted further publisher interest all over the world. I shall type it up tomorrow whilst the lady is at work, hence I'm awake at half 2 in the morning.

The difficulty with being a cold hearted insomniac bastard is that it takes extremes to even concern me but when made the decision to see a video posted on a Manchester United forum to see what I've missed in last nights game that again missed on MOTD, I came across a video on the Bradford City football stadium chaos on it's 24th anniversary where a fire rampaged leaving 56 dead which I never knew was so a high number of casualties but as I'm from Yorkshire it is not spoken. The video showed why, at one point a man on fire walked through a crowd of stunned people almost accepting his fate then later perished in hospital despite the attempts of many to keep him alive with their jackets to defuse the flame. I shan't encourage you to watch it but here it is.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Things Tales of Isolation and Anger shan't do.

Inspired by this blog post by my learned associate, Plashing Vole here is the 6 things of T of I&A:

1. Take a picture with a smiley facial expression. Glare only.

2. Show remorse or pain.

3. Read or watch anything from the Twilight series despite referring to it in an essay (wanted to show I was in touch with the latest tirade of bullshit)

4. If I do teach Deaf children then 'Twitter' and the like, which newspaper reports cite as future subjects.

5. Fight Manny Pacquico, although I can take swift punches he is too fast for anyone on this planet. He is probably an alien race.

6. Cook food for my lady, she is too nice to be poisoned.

Friday, 8 May 2009

'He that sows thistles shall reap prickles'

Some good news even in my current food poisoned state which is a rarity on this blog and comes in four parts. Firstly all assignments handed in, the University shall no longer plague my existence for the duration of summer (in total of nearly 20 weeks) thus more time for article writing (interview with the author of 'My Brother John' on Sunday in Manchester followed by a nights stay in London on Wednesday with my lady to see a show (the book link: and shall work upon story developments then when completed will enter a prestigious competition in August and of course regular blogging of political observation.

Part II: Aside from training to be fit in time for trials for Birmingham Deaf side, I plan to find some part-time work additionally voluntary assistance of young deaf/disabled children through One Voice Project- hopefully will be brilliant fun also the National Deaf Children Society's sporting events to attend as a coach once I've qualified and Big Walk in York where I shall see many old associates

Part III: It seems the military are seeing something of a boom in applicants, the recession perhaps leaving many with the possibility of financial ruin so they seek to join the Army. Wonderful boost for the security of this country and for associates of mine who are already fighting on the front lines and are constantly deployed to different areas of hellish warfare- Iraq most commonly of course

Also the iconic Eric Cantona stars in a film directed by Ken Loach- a meeting of two intellectual minds which upon June the 13th when it is released shall be watched by countless of Manchester United fans still wounded by his announcement he was to retire from football. He is back and Jesus Christ (no blasphemy anyhow Patrice Evra is indeed Jesus) talk about good timing- United face Barcelona in the Champions League final (a match made in Heaven) not before beating our City rivals come Sunday in the march to retain the Premiership title and truly knocking Liverpool off their 'fucking perch'. For those who cannot wait:

Nevertheless there is sadly some disappointment as it seems our inept Government handling of expenses has spiralled out of control with such ridiculous claims for money leaking to the public and the Police so effectively we are paying taxes to find out who is abusing the tax system for those who earn enough

How about instead of wasting the time of our forces, our money taken from our thankless task of energy draining long hours whereby our grandfathers are still working despite being over 70 just so the heating bills can be paid- they just admit they are callous and shall pay back every penny of their devious gains to regain some credibility or ideally they face the sack.

Thursday, 7 May 2009


They called it 'groundbreaking' more like stomach churning however finally the Police launched a momentous coup to seize the paedophile ring of disgust.

Much like the horrific claims made against the stepfather of Baby P, if true surely he has to be castrated. How these men could ever think their web of deceit and lies, their perverted thoughts could lead to a life of normality particularly amongst a society still haunted by the memories of Sarah Payne's daughter's death and the disputable actions of Ian Huntley. A deterrence is required, I watched a Louis Theroux's documentary on American stance with regards to allowing their former convicted paedophiles- some were full remorse whilst others in a state of delusion. Far better they were locked up under surveillance and regularly in their preparations to be released rather then directly given a secure house, different ID. They may have caused the most terrible crimes but this isn't an Utopian state, criminals cannot be chained or forced into slavery although that would be ideal. Punish them for all their sins, the little lives they have wrecked.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Tragic Demise of the Independent

Regularly, when I read the Times Online and the Guardian whilst sipping my herbal tea in halls of residence or the occasional coffee if I'm in Starbucks, there is a passing thought to whether I should buy the Independent instead. My mind rules over my heart's contemplations therefore I never seem to read it as much as I used to do. It seems many have the same belief- it's just a tremendous paper ruined by lack of dept whilst under resourced which successful news corporations have in large doses thanks to their popularity and ownership (which ironically is the brunt of the issue, they need new owners and fast) not to mention their significant monthly losses compounded by their parent company, Independent News & Media inexcusable failure to repay a £179m bond.

The Independent journalists have recently moved into the Mail's offices as it seems things have become that bad. Imagine moving from your current location, comfortable and all your belongings nearby to do what is already a stressful occasionally short lived job in a small almost isolated space with cynical vultures breathing fire down your neck.

Luckily in my amateur but ambitious case as an overly disenchanted political student-minded writer for the new resurgent Hearing Times I could write wherever I wished on whatever topic that occurs to my mind even a damming piece on the nutritional (lack of) contents of my offensively priced Starbucks sandwich if I wished to. Basically what thought for their journalists has INM posed? Also how do the likes of the Sun and the Mail who write such abhorrent drivel have more appeal and outsell their rivals without the need to economize.

The Independent is a once dazzling now slowly fading newspaper- an unpolished stagnant baroque. Lets hope their unquenchable thirst to write well as one such article demonstrated which in fact endeared and inspired this blog was on a personal childhood hero- the brooding figure of Eric Cantona who was quite remarkable on and off the pitch.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Torturous Arab vs. Swine Flu

Which is the most threatening to society? If you had to face death with the only get out clause given to you by Satan which was to survive either a raging twisted member of the UAE's Royalty torture or swine flu which would you pick? I mean, he ran over the man with his Merc a few times to top it off! Gladily they don't have red double decker buses in those parts of the World.

The callousness has offended the Americans who will uphold signing papers that could see peaceful harmony via nuclear fuel restriction and technological exchanges. Therefore if this carries on, the UAE shall no longer be an ally. Which could lead to violent consequences. So that's my pick.

But yes, if swine flu takes hold as many panicking rushing for medical security when they have only just read about it then maybe some shall perish. However it's hardly going to be as tragic as previous flu outbreaks where millions died almost 80 years ago. So lets calm down and see how potent this really is. I had less people stressed when I was dying of meningitis.