Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Stoke vs. Birmingham

It seems both Stoke City Deaf Football Club and Birmingham Deaf are vying for my services next season, trials impending and resource wise both teams need improvement but bursting with young talent. So a decision as to which team I play for and perhaps captain according to the Stoke coach as they wish for a leader as well as funding that the club promises they shall get thus arguing they are the better choice. Yet I also read an article citing the increase BNP followers in the City, surely not a good sign that the people are in disillusionment.

However seeing as many readers of this blog are from the Midlands area, would you anticipate that a resurgent Birmingham side could also get the attendance and support that Stoke, a Premier League Club can fall back on if meetings are successful? Bearing in mind, the Deaf Olympics of which the British Government would not fund a mere £100,000 but at least it raises awareness, in a summer devoid of competitive action then maybe more shall watch. Or shall I forget about the resources, pay for my own transport at a minimum just to fulfill an ambition and lead the charge to break the dominance of the Londoners raising the profile of the team in the process leading to many being chosen for the next Olympics. Either way, it shall be a challenge.

An update on the political chaos that has befallen our Cabinet with Jacqui Smith amongst them featuring predominately in the news of their resignations yet no word on the many others that have taken cash. I fear the rebellion against Gordon Brown too, will be a crushing blow to the hopeful prospects of recovering from the bleak times let alone Labour's General Election hopes after EU thrashing.



Cloud of Despair said...

Well, you have certain choices. You can be a leader for the football team, therefore you can help them to the future but I have heard that the Birmingham Deaf team are very good. However, I must admit, I do not know much of the football.

I have heard about the news of the Cabinet, wanting to rid of Gordon Brown. I know he can be a shite PM but it is only the beginning, surely?

Demented Demon. said...

Thank you for your comment, Cloud.

Birmingham are indeed a talented side whom require more players whereas Stoke are newly created in comparsion desperate for funding and players. Also I could in theory begin there then move onto Birmingham when the University assignments mean I have seldom time to travel 30-40 minutes on the train etc.

What I worry is that many potential deaf players haven't heard of these team trials, I only knew of it due to my GB Deaf team connections and that I work for the Hearing Times. Another footballer gave me the number for Birmingham's coach who I spoke with and how would others recieve this without being informed first hand?

As for Gordon Brown, the clock is ticking.

The Plashing Vole said...

Stoke Stoke Stoke Stoke. And it's only 25 minutes on the train.