Monday, 1 June 2009

Favourite Place of the British Isles.

An idea occurred in my deprived mind of reminding people of the promised lands of North Yorkshire following the wonderful weather lately which I did so earlier too via a comment or two on Plashing Vole's blog.

Also with regards to speaking (ranting) with/at associates today and during the sunshine exploits in the park yesterday then the sanctioned albeit cliched BBQ that followed I pushed for Yorkshire recongization.

One such fellow spoke heatedly of Cumbria, a place I admittedly liked following childhood trips to the Lake District on a regular basis likewise Cornwall and Devon. All beautifully poised and as he said himself "Well, the views are terrific whether it's in summer or winter. The fact my hometown is next to the coast is brilliant, looking out over Scotland, occasionally seeing the Isle of Man on clear days". Sounds marvellous but I still persisted that the fresh air and tasteful foods, clear water and friendly ways of Yorkshire is superior to anything else even Kent, Cornwall and especially Northern France for a foreign input.

What are your views? Anywhere criminally underrated and thus you wish to put the record straight then do so.

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Natural Blues said...

Liverpool is a wonderful city, you only really know the good places to go if you are from there. Lovely old buildings with intricate designs, stood amongst all that is modern. I particularly love the albert dock. I LOVE IT!