Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Decisions, Decisions and Decisions.

We all have them, moments in which you have decide upon future actions or face dire consequences and I'm not talking the 'Do I spread my toast with butter AND Marmite or just be normal have marmalade?' kind.

If you'd read my blog previously, you'd see I have written my thoughts on writing/teaching and various other things that perhaps are irrelevant as Glastonbury (my lady went, she'd done a blog about it all and yes, I feel less empty without her till Friday but not much).

It seems there is an opening for Hearing Audiologist in the area with training for two years full paid and you get a wage too then a Foundation degree in the field. Which would be useful if I ever became a teacher and I could help the deaf child in my class fix his/her aid besides I have 15 years experience in the Audiology world thanks to my own hearing loss? It could be completed alongside my English Literature degree also I'd have my Foundation BA Business Management degree to complete in the future. So ideally I'd retire and have my own company perhaps in Australia specialising in Hearing Aid care or whatever futuristic device is invented whilst my legs have gone and my hair is greyer than the Midland skies.

However, then comes the deciding factor namely one Ed Balls of the Government's Mafia who wishes to do this:


Would they even let me be a teacher? I could have the PGCE, a 2:1 in English Literature and Deaf Studies and various other qualifications. Would this even be enough? I'd have to pass some kind of test, it seems. I'd feel more confident applying for the SAS, at least then I'd able to prove my steel like emotion but putting a few bullets in people. This seems outrageous and almost insulting to all the good teachers out there.

Maybe I should just leave the country and sell myself to Chinese labour.


Cloud of Despair said...

If you do decide to do the training for Hearing Audiologist, it would be very useful for adding your skills to the CV located in different varies of jobs, like becoming a Deaf teacher with experience in knowing the problems.

However, it is your choice after all...but free training and a wage on top of it does sound like a good deal. You might have to travel but it shall be worth it for the future.

As for the renewing license to become a teacher, in two ways can you reflect on this.

On one side, you shall not suffer from such idiotic teachers therefore the student shall have more smarts to get into anyway, despite their environment but however, on the other side, they might be sacked just because they aren't happy with their type of teaching despite how effective it is.


Sue's Blog said...

I agree it seems harsh and insulting to teachers who have already worked their socks off to get jobs. Unfortunately most professions require regular revalidation - that is how things are. Don't go off to China, I am sure you will pass the revalidation process with flying colours when the time comes!

The Plashing Vole said...

Go for it - as long as you're ready for a huge workload!