Thursday, 30 July 2009

Disability Campaign Part One...

Declarations that I have written for our campaign to be shown to the Baroness upon our visit to the House of Lords (any suggestions are welcome):

Realistic appraisals forming the basis of a strong campaign seeking to improve the livelihood of those affected by a disability. We shall be aiming to receive additional educational support, further anti discrimination legislation particularly in the workplace allowing many to be less financially dependent on benefits. Essentially providing more opportunities for young people and adults with any kind of impairment in post-16 education, training and employment. A recent development such as the Graduate Talent Pool, a new internship programme from the Department for Business is a tremendous start.

However it’s the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the cross-Atlantic equivalent of our Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Their state, although admittedly more populated and diverse, is at a far more advance level in co-ordinating resources and communicating with the disabled generations. In order to step up, the UK needs a more responsible approach with perhaps a dedicated unit specifically for the Disabled Students. Especially if the Government wishes to stay in power come the next General Election which is already threatened by findings by Scope; at the Election of 2005, volunteers surveyed over 2,000 polling stations and found that 68 per cent couldn’t be assessed by a disabled person.

For instance, President Obama recently made an announcement that he will sign the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. This is the kind of precise action that Gordon Brown needs to take in order to separate from the usual welfare issues into human rights.

The Convention doesn't institute or describe new rights by ensures that people with disabilities have existing rights extended and guaranteed. According to the United Nations information given on this treaty, the specifics includes: the right to equality before the law without discrimination; the right to live in the community and education, the right to health and to work whilst participating in a political cultural life. And whilst allegedly the UK have signed and ratified this, there is no evidence of any improvement plans AND as the CSIE state, many interpretive declarations appear and reservations too.

We Demand Improvement. We Deserve Respect.

The BBC's Who Do You Think You Are...

Upon near completion of writing 'Vendetta of Silence' and the disability campaign, the lady and I relaxed last night and after watching the powerful Babel on DVD, a rich complex story surrounding the shooting of an American played by Cate Blanchett also starring Brad Pitt as her husband. Most interestingly was the deaf Japanese actress who showed the isolation and sense of rejection that we feel at times also her immaturity meant viewers were gripped.

Likewise, by Kate Humble's family history in the progressively brilliant BBC One Show. It was simply extraordinary, she found out her grandfather took an active role in the Great Escape and his log book is something of undiscovered treasure to historians. Another called Joseph, was commended for his determination when caught up in the worst accident in the history of English mining in 1862, when all the miners working that day - 204 men and boys - were killed by gas posioning.

If that wasn't enough, Bill Humble, a test pilot during World War II was a rogue, a ladies' man, who divorced her grandmother a few years after their 1936 wedding. His bravery whilst testing planes such as the Tempest, Typhoon and Hurricane for the aircraft manufacturer Hawker Siddeley during World War II, meant many lives were saved.

This makes terribly interesting viewing because it allows us to think what our ancestors accomplished or their persona and next week's show shall be of David Mitchell, one of my favourite comic actors.

Another topic for discussion, as Plashing Vole demonstrates and in which I commented. It is another idiotic radio conversation that inspired it but thankfully I'm in the knowledge many disagree with her. It's almost as if the disabled are the dismissed Ophelia of society, a wretched damaged woman from Hamlet, who commits suicide because there is no other option following Hamlet's rejection and the murder of her father.

Which coincidentally, I've just realised the deaf character in Babel, her mother committed suicide and her father rather emotionally detached meant she seeked the approval, love of a man only to be rejected by a policeman who acted in his professional capacity. Perhaps the writer deliberately did this in mind of Shakespeare's creation or purely wished for her to be vulnerable.... another stereotype of the disabled which in all honestly, couldn't be further from the truth.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Social Anarchy...

As predicted by Plashing Vole in this exceedingly frightful blog on how the damnation of mankind is upon us

But let's be truthful, we are the reason behind social decline and disorder on the streets. It is up to stop that and there are measures in which we can do so, BBC One's Truth about Crime series has shown that. Can we EVER stop the capitalist vultures and their business 'outsourcing' ideology when we cannot even vote out the BNP up-rising? Our newspaper headlines consists of 'David Cameron says sorry for saying T*at' or a topic of no particular interest regarding our celebrity culture in the tabloids.

Must we admire his honesty or jump on the bandwagon of critics? Lets face it, social networking has no positive bearing on our futures if anything it is detrimental to vital communication and common sense. I have only a Facebook page which was created by a friend a year ago who claimed it was vital at University. He was right, every student living or dead has it.

Even when they venture to nightclubs and bars, I hear them speak of the pictures they have on Facebook before the men go on the rampage for women armed with WKD's whilst the ladies start criticising ex boyfriends. 647 friends yet only 40-50 of them I'm in regular contact if say, I go on holiday for a fortnight with just a mobile phone to keep in touch. The only explanation I have for even venturing on there is to talk with pretty ladies that I knew back home in York or in Birmingham. And when I have a lady of such splendid appeal and looks, is abhorrent.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Morning to you all...

Hope you are all enjoying your day thus so far. Very strangely, I fell asleep rather early at half 11 only to awake 4 hours later (it is now half 5 in the morning) finally in the mood to write after a day of avoiding such a task and it seems I do far better when the lady is fast asleep... yet I did at least venture to the library whilst basking in the sun that I hope shall be repeated today. In the process, I found several books of such magnificence that even I wished to read them (I have a grand total of 6 or 7 other books, shameful);

Firstly John Everett Milliais' Beyond The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. It offers such insight and collective understanding, as far as I have read, into the mind of Milliais who some say turned his back on the Brotherhood in pursuit of fame and the security money offers. Incredibly, despite his wonderful talents, many critics such as Marion Henry Spielmann suggest that without his associates- the intellect of Holman Hunt and Dante Rossetti's 'perfervid' imagination- he faded into obscurity on the other hand as I agree with, he matured and sought pastures new. Either way, his legacy seems oddly in balanced and this is a reminder to all of the harsh realities of life, even for the hugely gifted.

Robert F. Drake's Understanding Disability Policies similarly also Gillian Dalley's Disability and Social Policy both extremely useful in gathering such vital information on past judgements whereby I hope to seize upon past legislation to enforce our campaign. As well as many short story collections in particular one book edited by Nicholas Royle (the judge of the short story competition, to get into his frame of mind). It is odd, to say the least as I commented on Cynical Ben's blog who is also entering, that it is a fine mix of judging talents that we must impress.

The finest of all, Milton & English Art written by Maria R Pointon which recognizes how much impact Milton's poetry had on artists in particular the Royal Academy which of course... my new idols, the Pre Raphealite Brotherhood attended only to rebel against. Its another illusive moment in life where two matters of interest seem to be linked in a wayward manner leading to a great buoyant feeling after discovering the vitality of certain books when you were actually looking for another thus saving time. However all these books combined will assist in my short story writing (the deadline for 'Vendetta of Silence' is a mere 9 days away now), Classics understanding (we shall study Milton's Paradise Lost next year which is prominent in the book) as well as my disability rights campaign I must construct within a week all linked by a festering appreciation of the Brotherhood.

Ironically, the nearby Birmingham Museum have just launched a fantastic online resource site that I found from another blog:

I noticed that Sandy, has commented on my blog a few times and must suggest you visit his excellent blog and his mysterious intelligence is rather inspiring. As Holman Hunt said of Millais, 'the need of groping after systems by philosophic research and deductions as superseded.... by a quick instinct which enabled him to pounce as an eagle upon the prize he searched for.'

Plans are in place...

Next Monday shall be the finest day of my short life, a trip to London for a tour of the House of Lords whereby I shall give my death stare to all the MPs but shake the hand of Sir Alan Sugar, the Earl of F*ck All. It is all to do with the political lobbying campaign of my charity, 'Skill' so we shall all meet in the glamorous surroundings to discuss matters and meet with Baroness Uddin.

The Youth Participation Worker, whom I've met once before must of been incredibly impressed as she emailed this: 'We want you to get involved in the campaign and to help with design, management, promotion of it – either face to face or online, whatever you would prefer!!'. Marvellous, I thought but hell I don't see Gondor Brown and his evil henchmen designing their bloody campaign or leading the PR charge on the streets. Not to worry, I shall write the campaign manifesto then suggest (perhaps threateningly) that I lead the lobbying protest, after all that's how Gondor Brown works and who's to disagree with his 'laddish' ways as Caroline Flint put it.

One particular walkabout, I shall be looking to visit shall Mr Mandelson to tell him the plans to rise tuition fees would push students to breaking point and deter many others from applying. Not that he'd listen of course.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Who would you say, influences your work and ambitions?

I ask this, following more researching of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood and re-editing of my story whilst embracing the silence and darkness of the early hours of the morning. It was evident they fought for perfection through intense colours and vast complexity. As their influences stemmed from Quattrocento to John Riskin who supported them through his impeccable reputation, I wondered which figures of excellence influence us? I spoke with an film studies student associate, he cited David Fincher and I replied Shakespeare also notifying him of the works of John Milton and William Blake whom have made an impact on me this year at least...

Most certainly admire; the Medieval and Romanticist periods of art and literature not forgetting Neo Classicism and certain Victorian themes. What about you, who has made an impact directly or indirectly on your working life or simply through glorious talent or a specific period in History?

There is a clear absence of inspirational deaf people that we wish to address either through; filming, writing and teaching or campaigning for our rights with view to travelling to find other talented deaf persons, an artist would be perfection. Or maybe we already have these at our disposal, those we know at our University amongst others in the UK albeit hearing as they are extremely talented photographers and artically accomplished, perhaps it is a case of supporting them furthermore with view to receiving similar consideration.

Of course there are your family and friends/associates, they shall forever influence you and provide much advice even the odd compliment. But it is professionally, in whatever it is you wish to do in life, where you come across similar views then perhaps those persons educated you furthermore allowing you to be more confident yet able to be reassuring when you need it. I leave you with one of my favourite paintings; emphasizing the elegance of the Quattrocento style which I hope you agree is stunningly detailed and very beautiful.

Kill me now, Satan...

After the weekend bombardment of the livers, feels drinking cider in teacups for breakfast is quite quaint if not ridiculous. The drinking started early Saturday after a fairly healthily eating week of exercise. My brother bought tickets to a heavy metal gig for us both at the Wulfrun, ironically the entire audience shall be suffering this morning with ringing ears. As for my own hearing levels, I predict they are diminishing faster than previously with the aid of musicians high on cocaine, hands raised and voicing their displeasure of the world.

I wonder if the 'mosh pit' heroics will ever spiral into full blown brawl, how it didn't I have no idea. They seem hell bent on pushing each other to death yet when one dropped to the floor, they'd pick that person up possibly to prevent a murder charge and a life of no drugs/booze and women which is precisely the only concerns of every person in that packed darkened hall. Of course I merely stood, motionless in my smart attire staring with puzzlement as to why they were doing this and it wasn't till when I returned home to find what it was called.

Similar displacement of intelligence has occurred within the Labour Party and in their desperation to halt the up-rising of the evil harlot, Death-to you all- Cameron they shall send in the armed forces of Gondor- Whitehall's finest with their ideas and finesse. Too little too late, unfortunately for Gondor Brown. One hopes he sends in henchmen to fight the Tories at some obscure town hall in the UK with all the liars and masters of deceiving killing each other then maybe our nation stands to have a chance.

Now I'm left wondering why I even went, with my head on the verge of exploding and memories of a strange (there were many) chap from Amsterdam discussing his up-bringing when I couldn't of even cared if he was alive or not but booze does that, you feel inclined to talk to these people. Just like the Politics students that have moved into our halls, we feel we have to discuss drunken moments/women/sports with them even if they talk us into a coma with no regards to the actual course they are doing (one failed, re-sitting the year) or even the political downfall of Gondor Brown.

Hope you all had a good weekend; I certainly did but shan't be repeating it anytime soon.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

In a Past Life...

I'm convinced I was the 4th member of the Pre Raphaelites (there was originally three, I was cut loose due to my violent temper and lack of talent) or maybe even a little known Renaissance writer. What about yourselves? Any distinctive features of your personality that you feel inclined to believe you had a nonsensical/prominent role in history? I was most certainly a soldier; naivety and bravery come in a deadly mix. I need that swagger of a Pre Raphaelite and focused determination- clad in a tonic blazer with white shirt to look smart- in order to convince the Victoria Halls personnel that it was worth building despite the farce surrounding the gas cylinders which in theory could lead to our deaths. If we show enough determination at the meeting today, one hopes they shall in turn display self belief to the council that they shan't give up without a fight and a lengthy expensive court case is the last thing the council need.

The lady, seems have quite an obsession with medical docu shows particularly 'Seaside Rescue' and 'Bizarre ER' also the best- BBC's 'Air Medics' which I must admit to liking as it shows the delightful landscape of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales (along with pain, blood and tears of idiotic drivers and bike riders of which the allure of Yorkshire strikes me evermore). So, is there a programme you feel you HAVE to watch without fail? Upon reading the newspapers, I came across this piece on television of the last 10 years and due to my lack of viewing; many I do not recognize however some plausible options offered.

My own personal Top 6 mainly consists of American Dramas simply because ours isn't of similar standard, their budget dwarfs the Brits with the audience figures they can promise to produce.

1. The Sopranos: It is just perfect, the dialogue and one liner machine Paulie in particular. With the violence, gripping plots and fantastic cast it is the undoubted winner.

2. Peep Show: For comic excellence, you must watch this and every episode ever produce to understand the ways of Mark and Jeremy.

3. Arrested Development: It was criminally underrated and when the Americans cut it, I was bitterly disappointed. So clever and amusing, the best acting cast on the Planet and well shot.

4. Spaced: The making of Simon Pegg; once again underrated but outstanding leading Channel 4 to glory.

5. Spooks: Intelligent viewing that never ceases to amaze with its unrealistic plots that actually, in this terrorist state, isn't too far-fetched.

6. The Wire: Not seen alot of this but it is superbly written within the highest acting calibre.

Narrowly missed out: Mad Men (upcoming brilliance), Early Doors (far better than the Royale Family) also Still Game (Scottish comedy).

Plenty others that I cannot remember at this moment in time... Your suggestions would be most welcome.

UPDATE: The meeting went well, Victoria Halls shall be open for students from the 29th of August.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Where is our salvation?

We are all victims of a raging and deeply unforgiving bourgeois world. One where, a good deed turns into a nightmare and a charming beautiful person could be your greatest enemy. We mask this with our tendency to drink or work too many hours, frequently sleep with another human being (perhaps more) whilst growing older we then we die in the least troubled way we can.

Epitomised by the show I'm currently watching amidst a usual bout of insomniac - the BBC's The Street for the simple reason Anna Friel is starring in this week’s episode. The pretty thing is caught in an impossible situation of trying to keep ends meet, "I'm not on crack, it's worse than that. It's called two kids and a mortgage" said she. Typically for hard hitting dramas, she sleeps around for money only to be caught when her boyfriend's father is one of her customers leading to resentment, guilt and blackmail. Leading to turmoils with her new boyfriend and with a script as good as the Street, it doesn't matter the show isn't shot beautifully or set like CSI Miami because it picks upon the downbeat mood that all relationships seem to have... even mine.

Hence why the move to Victoria Halls was like a fresh start from the enclosure of student halls where we moved in together only three, four months into the relationship, how many people do you know would move in together after so little amount of time? The stress of the possible collapse of the new halls as I stated in my previous blog and my flirty ways aside, it has gone very well and I'd recommend to all students that once they find someone worth keeping to do right by that person.

Now I've been accused before but sadly, that is as close as welcoming to my inner soul as you shall get. For expressionism of feelings, emotions and plenty more besides... visit Cosmo and the like. Perhaps even, a blog which I find greatly entertaining by a very honest and forthright woman.

God, it seems the dreaded Tories are heading back to the top. But I tempted to see how they would do and any probable changes they would enforce to allow the public spending levels to be lessened yet not drastically so. Will Cameron stoke the fires and launch a Blitz style togetherness rallying the cause against the Tories' idea of cancer personified- Gordon Brown.

On the basis of this performance, I would envisage a role in the House of Lords or more likely as ambassador Sport England for Mr Andrew Flintoff. Especially if Sir Alan Sugar can land one then I see no reason not... forgetting his outspoken ways, he'd be an inspiration to the youngsters.

From my schooling, I have a passing interest in biology as well as my literature, sporting and women. As research for my latest short story, I read about pathophysiology which as I quote is an 'overproduction of collagen by fibroblasts in affected tissues is common to all forms of morphea' strangely sounds like the Labour Party. Thus, an overproduction of its own self hype joyfully celebrating the boom years despite credit spiralling in affecting regions of the once proud nation which is common to all forms of illogical management and GREED (numerous incidents cite this, this blog wrote of the expense fiasco to name one). Question is, can we truthfully trust the Conservatives or it is because they are the only alternative also if they win the General Election will they be given the time before cynics cast them aside?

Saturday, 18 July 2009

From Funeral Sadness to Audacious Planning.

It's been an eventful week for the lady and I, from her Grandad's funeral in the picturesque surroundings of Cheshire whereby I met the remaining members of her loving family. It was the closeness and harmless banter that struck me such as; 18 year old asks his 50 years young Uncle “How did you get that cut lip?”, “I’d ask your girlfriend” that occurred with hard cases and gentlemen mixing in a boozer that I have missed since my move from the Yorkshire Dales as Birmingham, it’s more likely that the boozer would become over-run with drug dealing.

But the service itself made me think more than any other funeral/event/person of the grim prospect of death whilst some emotional song played (judging by people’s tears) and I stood as per usual glaring at nothing in particular. It makes you think, with the quiet sobbing and 'You'll Never Walk Alone' by an opera singer ringing in your ears, the afterlife and how one shall pass away; will people remember you and if so what for...

So do we use this as a motivation to succeed or is that primarily down to money, fame and a nice house? I personally wish to use the rich complexity of life to educate, inform and raise confidence in the Deaf children and adults with articles, stories with campaigning and youth work too.

Upon my return, I ventured to the University meeting about an Associate Position at the University so maybe even help my peers alongside the mentoring. After all, I may try to establish communications with those I feel the need also those who do not like to admit that they need help then maybe I’d feel I’ve had made a difference to at least one person in my lifetime.

We returned to pack our bags as Residential Services have moved us once again due to redecoration so for the third time in less than two months, we had to move all our extensive amount of things to another block but we did so smilingly knowing in a month's time we shall be in our stylish new student housing. However news filtered through that something appallingly tragic has happened, firstly our new halls mate and dear friend has been held in her own home due to her 7 year old brother contracting swine flu. How can this happen to someone so young, it is shocking how it has spread across the UK.

Then secondly this news item was read by the other person we are to move in with leading to a wave of calls of concern...

Unbelievable, really. We hope that the courts rule that the Victoria Halls can remain the apex of student housing in the City and that the gas cylinders are moved or the 40 million spent shall be wasted. Why the company ignored the warnings of the Council I shall never know...

We must let it live and in the meantime we shall be visiting associate Mr Cove and other artists at the Birmingham 'Custard Factory' for an exhitibiton.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Drama, Drama...

The morning after the romantic night before... the setting of mild bliss whilst cooking bacon and poached eggs for the lady was rudely interrupted by a dramatic car chase and sudden eruption of criminality akin to Victorian days. All of which, directly opposite my third floor kitchen in the halls of residence whereby I'm one of few people to stay over the summer months as we could not be apart for long so we moved in together. Now, back to the drama it proved my theory that the BBC Licence fee is not worth paying whilst being a student especially if BBC iplayer, TV Catchup offers similar quality to a TV would do... Within a second, another three police cars arrived on the scene and all 8 officers seized upon the metallic Vauxall Vectra (possibly stolen) and they were looking for something suspicious (the lady said drugs, I say weaponry). The two suspects looked on, arguing and causing a scene which cars driving along the busy street watching with deep interest at the two stereotypical ghetto boys clad in the usual attire.

If that wasn't enough, I had maintenance arriving at my door and if they edged slightly closer they'd seen:

a) The illegality of moving in the lady, it's like the scene in Benjamin Button whereby Brad Pitt's character says "We lived off the mattress" (thats exactly what we do, there is no room for sofas.. young love, eh?).

b) The smashed sink which on top of the £200 they have already charged me for the previous room will total more then the debts of the UK!

Damn them. Now onwards to the gym with associate Mr Thorne and possibly visit Plashing Vole to congratulate him on his birthday, ironically the same day as my mother's.

Monday, 13 July 2009

New Week yet the same problems...

It's approaching mid July, the peak of the summer temperatures are to come if you believe weather forecast and the jovial fun that surrounds heatwaves to look forward to. But not for the likes of Baha Mousa's family in the Iraqi war torn city of Basra; life shall never be the same from the day he died in a fairly disturbing manner under the brute of our soldiers. This quite appalling video attached to the article I read in the Guardian and heard about in the library today before venturing around town which alerted me to the news as at the time of the media spotlight on the case, I was unaware of it's seriousness;

Clearly the detained are under duress, terribly so in fact with the prevention of drinking, eating or standing in a relaxed way under the almost torturous ways of retaining suspects in these circumstances also 'white noise' is listed as a technique. Now, with tinnitus I know all about that but strangely I wouldn't of thought they would use this which shows how irritating people find white noise and the importance of eradicating tinnitus as my secondary blog set up a month ago showed (with more feedback from charities to be added shortly).

The most heartbreaking part to the story of Mr Mousa's death is the family picture, the two toddlers who shall never get to know their father and will learn of the pitiful handling of his death by the MOD whereby only Cpl Payne was held culpable. Little wonder the extremist and rebels in the Iraqi and Afghan world which to inflict severe damage on our military, they see us as violent tyrants and who can argue with that on the basis of very public court cases like this? Another sign of decline of moral standards in this country, outrageously BNP Leader Nick Griffin has called for boats carrying migrants from Europe to Africa to be sunk... How can one man say these things and live? In Victorian Days, he'd be strung up to the mercy of the baying public.

Finally, in the previous blog I wrote of my researching short stories knowing other examples (of which are fairly brief and dialogue based) whereas mine, noted by Cynical Ben is far more condensed and complex therefore appropriate editing is required before deadline day.

Wish me luck! I shall need it to beat off healthy competition from across the UK maybe even the globe to become Young Persons Writer.

Friday, 10 July 2009

It's nearly the weekend...

Marvellous it's time to relax in the sun laden park whilst eating distasteful ice creams. Yesterday, the charity talks in Birmingham went rather well with Mr Thorne and I impressing them with our desire, eloquence of our words and ideas but I fear they do not realise our commitment to helping others with the demeanour we projected. My deep Yorkshire twang is often difficult to detect yet one of the ladies was Belgian who seemed to understand whilst asking a barrage of questions.

Another outlet of questioning coming from the University Employment Dept who appear to be confused by their own role with masses of personnel emailing me instead of just the one person I initially emailed asking of certain positions and Vodcast to take place. One such position of use would be a non payable but extremely valuable experience as a Journalist/Writer in Walsall, my fellow Literature Students. If you wish to apply, email to addressed to Kam Atwal, requesting the application details and I'm sure it'd be helpful for our essay writing next year.

Continuing on the educational stance, it seems the story of the 14 year old allegedly assaulted by his teacher has caused dismay and confusion. The teacher in question seemed to have an impeccable history and without fault in his long career which begs the question 'What pushed this gentleman to lash out?' which is fairly straightforward, it's the pressurized environment in which teachers work under. I knew many a short tempered teacher pushed to the point of breakdown during my schooling and surely it's time for measures to be in placed and counselling offered in every school in the UK. Alternatively, the children of his class could of acted terribly pushing him into seeking violent retribution. Either way, if he is culpable then lets hope he is punished accordingly with changes to be made in the future.

Finally, my associate Mr Zeppelin has wrote of his excitement surrounding a newly created Jaguar where he works and I must say it's very nice looking with the curves and grills to match Aston Martins. Yet it's the speed and acceleration that matters so to quote Jeremy Clarkson 'It's time to hand over to our tame racing driver... some say he grew up without realizing he was male..'

Have a wonderful weekend, all. I shall begin mine with a quick read of Ian Rankin's short story of '92, I wonder if Rebus stemmed from this story or previously written the compilation of the Rebus series also if my writing could ever be as recognized in a similar fashion to the Scotsman.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fortune favours the brave, right?

After a fairly successful day in the gym and job hunting with the lady, I'm now fretting over tomorrow's impending talks with the disability charity 'Skill' comforted by the delightful Pringles new range 'Select' that are Szechuan Barbecue flavoured which I recommend. Marvellous as they are, I cannot help but feel that my desire to be a youth working, website producing and Parliamentary campaign figurehead as they have suggested will lead to incoherent rambling and the odd offensive insult. Also the mere fact I know absolutely nothing of any relevance to the swashbuckling role they aim to smilingly create for me not to mention when my mood is fluctuated enough.

But at least I'm attempting the revalidations of my reputation, gone are the days of my rebellious youth and crazy ways. I wish to help others however the lady commented earlier, of the first time she saw me in the Literature class, no it was not love at first sight but more on the lines of 'You looked like you wanted to hit me', which is discomforting seeing as I need to look pleasant and caring in front of charity bosses. It's difficult enough with my lack of humility!

However, it seems I've already hampered my short journalistic career (well, hardly a career... more of a moonlighting) with my style of writing and manner so the same need not apply for this charity venture. Do I stride in there like I boss the place, looking particularly angered and rather smart or more casual approach with a smile on my face (I shall draw one on) but then I'd be defeated by the overwhelming questions such as 'Would you help the child tie his laces?' when I clearly want to say something damn right nasty but cannot. When you first met me or if you know of my Facebook, does my photos/body language indicate a warm aura or more of a sinister persona? First impressions are everything so your comments please.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

On a calm breezy morning...

Rather than venturing to the park once more, I'm in the process of finding ways to repair my shattered sink with one eye on the Wimbledon final. The dear lady placed a vase with the Pink, White and Red Roses (this goes down a treat with women) I bought her upon my return on the shelf above which fell and now there is a cracked hole. Residential Services shall not be impressed alas I'm searching for DIY stores in the area, my Grandad recommends liquid porcelain in a tube with the only alternative to tell them but the fine would be excessive especially after flooding the kitchen of the previous halls I'd probably be kicked out of University. All just two months before due to move into the posh newly built Victoria Halls. At least the sun is shining however it seems that one man, the alter ego of Plashing Vole does not like the bright, glorious weather:

Vole himself has noted the similarities between them however I'm more concerned that Mitchell seems to be idolising/stalking Vole even with his vividly comparable appearance on the BBC's Mitchell and Webb Show especially with his hair swept to one side.

One such gentleman whom has also concerned me, Gordon Brown our PM. He visited Wolverhampton yesterday, sadly I was relaxing in the park with the lady to go and bombard him with questions which I understand he avoided many anyhow. David Cameron in the Express and Star has commented on this:

Lastly, I thank Cynical Ben for his honest forthright views on my short story- Vendetta of Silence. With someone of his calibre and Vole too, knowing how well read they are it can only help my story develop. He recommended many other short stories that I will look for, I never seem to read anything except the Guardian, the Times and the occasional novel. Ho ho, to the library I go.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

One of the various mysteries in life...

What on earth do women chat about? How does the collaboration of four average looking ladies sitting on the same table of my carriage boarding for the West Midlands whilst in such beautiful surroundings of North Yorkshire manage such randomised endless bullshit? Tonight for instance, a jolly good laugh however the virus has clearly struck the lady too especially on her phone but I excuse this seeing as it's her.

Now, I may be extremely taciturn and when I do actually speak with interest with a stranger/associate/trusted it is strictly pragmatic and wholly different to how I would speak to a lady. My stance as I basically follow the same pattern of questioning: 'How you doing?', 'Are you still with so and so?', 'Did you watch the match/game/fight/TV show?' and importantly, 'What are you doing after your degree/apprenticeship/on guard in the Army/job?'. I only care of persons with aspirations and character, I realized this upon my journey which I was suffering from the absent minded women and I heard amongst the haze of giggly voices 'I can't believe you did that!’ I nearly stood up, glared them down armed with my GQ magazine with the delightful Megan Fox on the cover (not cool, I know but it was that or the dreaded Loaded or worse... Nuts or Zoo).

Amusingly, I played my associates mix tape loudly on my laptop in the 'Quiet Zone' which is like a red rag to a bull (just like fire extinguishers in my school years I luckily got put in isolation for weeks) regardless of the fact my whole life is a 'Quiet Zone' hence the hearing aid I had in when I should have two. Which may explain my reserved self in a social context, I have to communicate mostly via lip reading; it's tiring so I stick to the pattern thus preserving energy for more enjoyable past-times or occasionally blame my hearing loss hoping they would leave me in peace which I'm aware is evil and sophist.

So, I ask again... What is it that women process within themselves that allow such irrational conversation? It is an evil spirit descended from months no sex/undesirable sex and too much make up/booze/fake tannery or is it me that has the issue? Am I too blinkered in my socializing that I may, shockingly one day ask something completely random and friendly like 'Wow... that's rather nice your jacket MATE, where did you get that from?' provoking a furious response if in Yorkshire and possibly be murdered but at least I'd feel like a 21st Century Twit, right? I couldn't think of anything worse.

On a lighter note; I've finished my second draft of Vendetta of Silence and I'm so sick of it that I shall enter it with a warning on top, 'Do not read if you are depressed'. I hope they recognize my desire to be the Manchester Young Persons Writer and emulate in some way the great Simon Armitage (Merciless Public said I have a man crush on him, this is not the case) however the downside is that I'd have to converse with more delusional people or hippies as I call them.