Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Decisions, Decisions and Decisions.

We all have them, moments in which you have decide upon future actions or face dire consequences and I'm not talking the 'Do I spread my toast with butter AND Marmite or just be normal have marmalade?' kind.

If you'd read my blog previously, you'd see I have written my thoughts on writing/teaching and various other things that perhaps are irrelevant as Glastonbury (my lady went, she'd done a blog about it all and yes, I feel less empty without her till Friday but not much).

It seems there is an opening for Hearing Audiologist in the area with training for two years full paid and you get a wage too then a Foundation degree in the field. Which would be useful if I ever became a teacher and I could help the deaf child in my class fix his/her aid besides I have 15 years experience in the Audiology world thanks to my own hearing loss? It could be completed alongside my English Literature degree also I'd have my Foundation BA Business Management degree to complete in the future. So ideally I'd retire and have my own company perhaps in Australia specialising in Hearing Aid care or whatever futuristic device is invented whilst my legs have gone and my hair is greyer than the Midland skies.

However, then comes the deciding factor namely one Ed Balls of the Government's Mafia who wishes to do this:


Would they even let me be a teacher? I could have the PGCE, a 2:1 in English Literature and Deaf Studies and various other qualifications. Would this even be enough? I'd have to pass some kind of test, it seems. I'd feel more confident applying for the SAS, at least then I'd able to prove my steel like emotion but putting a few bullets in people. This seems outrageous and almost insulting to all the good teachers out there.

Maybe I should just leave the country and sell myself to Chinese labour.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Importance of Self Confidence

Do you feel you've reached an equilibrium in your life with an rising confidence in yourself but not beyond into the dark realms of arrogance? I've noted a remarkable difference in my self confidence since arriving at University to the point whereby I'm no longer a brooding 18 year old with an 1000 yard glare (on occasion it has been known I do this still) and I've become more talkative in a more welcoming environment. I guess it's called maturity, helped by my current dear lady whom is raving in Glastonbury with hippies thus I'm not overly pleased at the moment but thankfully I shall see her soon.

The egocentrics amongst us will always say they had bundles of confidence and their humour/looks/personality won people over without even trying however another thing I found this year is that they are the first people to shy away from: a fight/a decent conversation/a pretty lady that they know they could never charm effectively.

My associate Mr Zepplin, one of the reasons I did this blog and of course the inspirational Plashing Vole has similar sized ego to myself after all we are brothers from different mothers hence he has has the same layout blog in tribute: http://gregzepplin.blogspot.com/

So, as the question originally asked: Do you feel less or more confident than you did a year ago and if not, what do you wish to do about this?

Friday, 26 June 2009

What a depressing day.

If it's not the hypocritical media, it's the teenagers (yes, I'm barely 20 but it's the 14 year olds I'm referring to) who were not alive around the peak of Micheal Jackson's powers all wallowing in grief for a man they haven't even been in the same continent as for their entire lives. It is a tragedy and yes, in this cold ruthless world some may argue it is paramount that we show class, integrity and allow those to cry for their hero of such a important figure in popular culture. However as much as that sounds idyllic, we cannot rest on our laurels and allow the media hyperbole of such a passing covers over the cracks in current affairs; the recent diabolic area of conflict over Iran, the continuation of kidnapping British civilians in Iraq and the intricate methods of ending such a war that didn't need to happen.

I type away with a possible broken bone in my foot from a heavily twisted ankle from footballing yesterday with the rain pouring and I feel nothing but sympathy for those killed in the battlefields in the amidst of Armed Forces Day tomorrow. For Micheal Jackson, I feel it was his time and the stresses of the tour would of taken so much out of his frail body that he would only fall into deep exhaustion and even depression once it was over because it would of been the end of his career despite the pinnacle it may have it been.

God bless all those who have died recently, may your deaths not be in vain. On a side note, I read this earlier on the subject of British inventiveness and Canadian assistance in murdering their own sheep in preparation of an Allied attack on the enemy. Rather interesting I thought.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

If You Change History, how would you do it?

Just as the question asks, would you change a particular incident or kill someone off before they caused mass of destruction ala Hitler, Stalin which the Times piece reflected a few days ago:


Personally I liked all the points made however none focused on the recent crimes in Africa, the Mugabe reign is one I would end in an instant if I had many choices. Murdering Hitler would of been too easy, another Nationalist would of come along to provoke the angry and betrayed Germans into striking back and as one commented, could of been a even worse as a ' better strategist and military leader than Hitler, but still as evil. The consequences of which are unthinkable'.

What do you think? Comments are more then welcome.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Ménière's Disease

Earlier whilst watching Sky Sports News and scribbling down ideas for articles and short stories I inveighed writing about the condition discovered by a Frenchman in the 1861. I've thought recently whether or not I actually have this considering I do have similar symptoms; tinnitus, dizziness and progressive hearing loss but surely my audiologist would of spotted this over the years yet that said, I haven't seen him for nearly 18 months now and when I did he said I'd be completely deaf within 15-20 years. So that's something to look forward to...

Actually Julius Cesar, Marylin Monroe and Martin Luther had it, the latter suspected it was the work of Satan. Not to mention Apple's marketing kingpin in the 80's and 90's Guy Kawasaki also CEO of ACIUS suffers from the condition too, here's his blog http://blog.guykawasaki.com/

I shall head to the gym now and then start ringing people about vacant jobs, that'll go well (!)

Bloody Mondays.

After a good nights sleep for the first time in what feels like months, I awoke to an email from the editor of the Hearing Times stating that my articles are hardly in keeping with the style of the paper and I should 'hone my writing skills'. Yet they still want me to write for them when I've developed a more simplistic stance but that is not what I write for and I couldn't even if I wanted to, it makes me feel sickened reading something so dire and boring. After explaining that I realise my writing can be exaggerated and complex I felt like boarding the train to Surrey and hitch-hiking till I found their offices then having words.

My facebook status: 'questioning his own writing prominence and tempted to join the hippy troupe'.

Perhaps my writing can be almost incoherent to those who do not read much or merely wish scan through spotting the latest news with no time or regard for another ambitious piece of mine. But then as a deaf person, aren't I well within my rights to write in whichever way I want?

The Hearing Times staff are actually all hearing with no idea what it is like to even have a 10 per cent hearing loss let alone 95 per cent like myself and other profoundly deaf people. Maybe that is the issue, in my desperation to be on a equal level to those in the journalistic positions alike to how I speak and lip read within hearing group situations that 9 out of 10 do not even consider that I actually have a hearing loss when it would be far easier for myself to just say so.

Do I keep to my stubborn, complex demeanour and writing whilst incurring troubles along the way or change to someone not pencilled under 'needs psychiatrist attention'? Only time will tell.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

BBC Four: Currently The Finest Channel on Television?

I ask this on the aftermath of watching perhaps the finest Henry VIII programme to rival the likes of David Starkey not to forget the Poetry season and many cultural shows that put the rest of the BBC to shame. In the midst of 'Henry VIII: Patron or Plunderer?' available readily on iPlayer where I've just watched it as the dear lady sleeps.

It was perhaps a rarity for a documentary, it was eye-opening and deeply interesting to see the architectural developments ties to Henry's reign. Also the importance of the Tudor dynasty to the world renowned educational power house of Cambridge and two colleges- Christ and St Johns that still to this day look remarkable. My brother is an successful architect however even if these buildings as inconceivable as it would be to build them now without such chaotic planning were commissioned by say, the Queen to design now he and many of his counterparts would probably struggle to grasp the aura and outstanding features. The presenter to his credit did his best to recreate the vividness of the buildings in those days with his quick sketches and eloquence through out.

Of course even in architecture, Henry found and ruthlessly executed threats such as the Duke of Buckingham in 1521 on grounds of treason (essentially he had Royal ties and plenty of money to match). Almost a creation to deceive the public much like threat of terrorism that looms over us of the Tudor times- the wealthy whom were seen as too greedy and self involved which is ironic considering even the patronage that ambitious monarch is underrated for as his legacy is more synonymous for his pure lust for women and bloody recursions for those who crossed him.

So inspiring that I've even started a second short story for the Manchester Young Person's Writer competition set in the Tudor times, a young knight whom after the Battle of the Spurs returns disillusioned and is soon seen as a rival so forced to live in exile until his return 20 years later to defend his proud family name leading to tragedy. Those who read my work previously will notice I tend to forgone the conclusion that an happy ending is possible with as much grittiness whilst attempting to write in a elegant manner that many may see as too complex.

Additionally, I've written articles hopefully to be of interest for the Hearing Times on matters such as subtitling, an emerging Deaf modelling talent and the story of a friend whom was a victim to police discrimination of the Deaf and their brutality (a recurring theme in the first short story). It took place in Ibiza whilst holidaying so hopefully that exclusive, rather well timed after the terrible (I liked the part at the end with the officer pushing the chav away I must admit) Police video in Nottingham of the drunken individual and four officers so a word or two of advice for my fellow 20 year olds- don't drink excessively, the Police if not the local thugs will get you.

Now it's time to sleep as one must head back to the delightful surroundings of North Yorkshire for two weeks back at home before undertaking charity meetings and Houses of Parliament campaign planning for the disability rights. Hopefully an administration job in the city too seeing as my employment at a restaurant ceased without even so much a letter of notification (perhaps I needed to be less threatening and more friendly but then again, what's the fun in that).

Monday, 15 June 2009

The Story of Frank Stigler and Charlie Brown.

Lovely day, I rampaged around the city centre basking in the sun in hope of securing interest from vacant bar tending jobs. The weekend went well with visits from the family and meeting the lady's father whom took us for a meal. Upon my return I read the papers and saw a marvellous story of wartime chivalry.

21 year old American Charlie Brown was a B-17 Flying Fortress pilot with the 379th Bomber Group at Kimbolton, England. His B-17 was called 'Ye Old Pub' and was in a terrible state, having been hit countless times. The compass was damaged and they were flying deeper over enemy territory instead of heading home to Kimbolton in Cambridgeshire

After flying the B-17 over an enemy airfield, a German pilot named Franz Steigler was ordered to take off and shoot down the B-17. When he got near the B-17, he could not believe his eyes. In his words, "it was the most heavily damaged aircraft I ever saw that was still flying" and it was inhumane to kill them "It would be like shooting at a parachute". The tail and rear section was severely damaged, and the tail gunner wounded not to mention the top gunner was all over the top of the fuselage. The nose was smashed and there were holes everywhere. Despite having ammunition, Franz flew to the side of the B-17 and looked at Charlie Brown, the pilot. Brown was scared and struggling to control his damaged and blood-stained plane. Aware that they had no idea where they were going, Franz waved at Charlie to turn 180 degrees. Franz escorted and guided the stricken plane to, and slightly over, the North Sea towards England. He then saluted Charlie Brown and turned away, back to Europe.

Amazing considering the situation of how essential air attacks on the outcome of the war not to mention that Stigler was one four-engine bomber strike away from a Knight's Cross which is the highest decoration for German wartime fliers. They became friends 40 years later after Brown tracked him down, they never lived more then 200 miles apart in all that time. Strigler was still flying Messerschmitt's at air shows until his death last year and Brown soon after perished when it all could of been so different.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Stunned to say the least...

Here is an alliteration of the news I heard this morning once I awoke: Our talismanic talent of traitorous tendencies has tripped over his own ego thus defecting to Real Madrid in the scornful eyes of our totalitarian.

Here is an haiku of the news I heard this morning once I awoke:

Disgraceful bastard,
One wishes him the best in,
All he hopes to do (!)

Here is the good news to counter the effect of the bad: I've been in talks with a leading disability charity who wish for my help with the production of their new website i.e the design, content whilst also working alongside marketing and support network maybe even the council elect. I would sort out disability rights, no problem and whats more I wouldn't even expect a payment or expense charge.

Whereas yesterday prior to mentor training I was in discussions with the local council with helping their new project to support disabled adults in the area which I would do my best to aid but at the age of 20 I'm hardly a voice of experience.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Jacob's Creek 'Semillion Chardonnay'.

The wine is awful but some reason I have it on my desk which I may have stolen during a sleepwalking exercise. Oh I picked up the assignments from last semester up yesterday. However I wasn't pleased with my essay I handed in and after reading it through it seems I over-complicate and over think my work in such a hurry I forget the basics of syntax, grammar and punctuation which required more time spent on it. I have an abundance of ideas, tutors have said this but the lack of consideration of how I explain this to the marker which I need advice upon.

If any of you are English literate and perhaps would like to offer suggestions as to how I stop thinking and just write in a way that the markers could grasp without been taken on a expansive journey without reaching the destination, like a black cab in London then do please do so. My life would be far better off without the need to confuse people but I simply cannot help it.

On the subject of London, Michelle and Barack Obama visited t'other day and I was puzzled by this. Why must they visit the Capital whereby a terror strike and rudeness is more likely then Michelle Obama smiling when they could of visited the beautiful scenery of our Yorkshire Dales and in the process brought much needed publicity to the area.

Let's hope they didn't hear of our BNP uprising, Cabinet rowing and over-the-top surveillance which 'Who's Watching You' on BBC Two last night showed. But then again, I bet some bugger twittered about it and the Americans, the pioneers of social-networking rather then getting off their arses to play baseball/basketball/American football will of heard and the New York Times did a double page spread in the process.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Money, Money, Money.

After awaking this morning with my associate Mr Thorne (not like that, he was merely crashing on my floor as we have mentor training today) it seems the news is alive with the sound of Gordon Brown's pitiful begging of his followers, enemies and neutrals within the Labour Party as he claimed to "play to my strengths and address my weaknesses”. Which are what, exactly? I was intrigued by Alan Johnson's claims Brown is a far better PM then Blair yet he may have the economic intelligence but where are these superficial superhero skills he talks of? I think 'The Johnson' is playing a clever game, look loyal to impress Brown also his enemies whom may place him as leader if Brown is pushed off a cliff.

Aside from that, it seems Real Madrid (Spanish side who have masses of debt however the King is a fan so... ) have bought Brazilian 'superstar' Kaka who I rated about two, three years ago for around 56 million pounds. Terrible, he isn't even that charismatic, plays the odd wonderful pass or a 30 yard strike but on the whole he comes a short of the likes of Cristano Ronaldo, Xavi and Lionel Messi in terms of consistenty and probably all round ability anyhow Madrid need a defender of some substance not to mention it seems that Ruud Van Nisterlrooy the only man who could be guaranteed 20 plus goals a season shall be sold to Tottenham. The term shooting themselves in the foot is apt for this situation.

Where does the spending end? Wages in the Premier League have already topped the One Billion mark, players been transferred for as much as it would cost to build a hospital or two maybe even finance an African government for a year. A spending cap needs to be enforced now, not in two or three years as FIFA have hinted also teams should be forced to use their youth academy to more subtle effect- play rather then sell them on.


Monday, 8 June 2009

Ibuprofen vs. The BNP

A weekend to forget certainly for all of those in this country who didn't vote therefore allowing the most destructive circumstances to unfold. The figures do not lie and nor will we live without fear and anxiety, racist BNP flouting our proud traditional sense of moral duty. It was my great grandfather and many of his friends, relatives and like minded soldiers that went to fight the Nazis in the Second World War believing we shouldn't stand by and let evil rule our lands. Now we are allowing them to do so.

I recall an article I did for the Hearing Times three months ago on the recession whereby I said this, without so much thought just appeared on my mind whilst writing;

The most deranged human being to walk the Planet, Adolf Hitler who merely profited and spoke charmingly at large rallies to gather support from those tired of paying hundreds of German Marks for a loaf of bread as a result of the Weimar Government printing more money then it could afford. Only when the Rentenmark was introduced did things improve slightly, does this create a positive picture of our future? Certainly not.

What I didn't realise is that not only the speed of which the BNP have become a threat to the major parties in this country but also the gullibility of our civilians who have allowed their disgraceful views and amateur propaganda influence them. The only way to prevent them from becoming more powerful is to stop them right now, Nick Griffin for all his wayward antics and views has shown himself to be an acute politician in the days of mistrust, he shouldn't even be on our streets. The fallibility of mankind has surfaced once again.

It seems I had a chest infection, viral illness and cold over the weekend so like a normal human being I took medicine, painkillers and ibuprofen which it seems I'm allergic too much like my father is with aspirins. So rather than recover I was left with severe stomach cramps and an acidic taste in my throat- I'd rather that then see the BNP flourish.

On a light note, at least the illness has allowed me to complete Vendetta of Silence (5,000 word short story for the Manchester Young Persons Writer award) with two alternative endings. If you wish to see them to vote for your favourite, leave a message or alternatively ring the Susan Boyle You Tube number- you've been warned, its fake and thus the reason she lost apparently.


Sunday, 7 June 2009

How to put the mind at rest.

All night it seems, I have deliberated over whether I have taken the right path to whatever it is my destiny has provided me. Must I continue with the teaching dream or become a writer therefore changing my course to Creative Writing. I passed English Literature with flying colours however disappointed with the teaching module I participated in and the A's and B's soon dried up under the pressure I exerted myself in doing my Literature providing little time or patience for anything else let alone another module. Bottom line is, I think people find me too complex and do not understand the mindset I find myself in which to be fair neither do I which isn't ideal for someone who wishes to teach deaf children. They need authority and assistance in their developments not a person who confuses them.

By the way, I have a new blog http://tinnitusawarenessuk.blogspot.com/

I found writing a poem strangely helpful in letting the mind rest. Worth remembering though, that I do not claim or wish to be a poet and in fact I've just wrote this poem below in the last 5 minutes. It's the first in almost 8 years for no apparent reason other then to distract myself from attending the laundrette or facing my dilemma's . It's hardly technically spectacular also devoid of a consistent rhythm but more reflecting the mood I find myself in however that little flicker of hope remains as life tends to explain itself and I'm sure you can relate to that.

It’s that stage in life where you are struggling to see the light,

Which path to take,

Who can one trust in life’s never-ending gripping fight?

With all the acquainted who take to you to places where women dressed rather risqué,

Distractions and complications that they are,

Lips smouldering, attentive eyelashes long and usually fake,

Full of confidence thus when you meet at the crowded bar,

With their eyes strictly placed on you whilst you ask yourself are you worthy?

A thousand thoughts occur; you wish to buy her a drink perhaps a cocktail if she is lucky,

The answer is as clear as the pleasant blue skies you overlook,

Draped in her loving arms the very next day,

Yes you are siree.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Tiananmen Square Massacre Anniversary

In light of recent political squabbles, it seems many would rather perform dilatation than voting for local councils and the European Union (Labour was my choice) however the expenses scandal and Gordon Brown's position becoming increasingly unstable leaving opponents with greater confidence of winning seats, I've read and watched documentaries on the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen protests. Would this ever occur in this self absorbed country whereby many haven't even voted or have a political opinion that they could express articulately or in a coherent manner aside from full mouthed rants. Even if the elections lead the disillusioned to vote for the British Nationalists who verge on winning seats and extra publicity, funds and supports across Europe of similar sadistic ideology? Then we would be needed to collectively protest and diminish their powers, surely.

Sadly I cannot see our students, workers and civilians embarking upon Trafalgar Square hellbent on causing a fuss which the Chinese did to great effect even if many lost their lives in such tragic circumstances as their faith in the army was severely destroyed by the Communist regime. To find out more, I recommend these links.



Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Futuristic Developments

In light of a recent competition for the hard of hearing across the UK to design new equipment based on incentive of small cash reward for their ideas, I wonder if readers of this blog have thought about the future. Is there anything in particular you wish to see in 10, 15 years time that could make a substantial difference to the way of life in this country and beyond?

Personally I would like to see new ways of making a payment in a shop or online perhaps via fingertip identification that allows the sum to be discounted from the memory storing your bank account thus the need for ATMs would cease to existence and so would mugging. Which leads to another venture of ways to stop criminality, I saw a trailer for the new Hollywood bullshit called 'GI Joe' which aside from the sex appeal of Sienna Miller in PVC and blackened hair it also offers a view of the future policing with robotic outfits allowing the police to climb walls like metallic monkeys. Equally good would be to one day when wish to use the internet (which will be a far quicker, more coherent and effective at this time too) all that is needed is your brain's transmitting thoughts to be read by the computer, selecting the various things you wish to see.

Similarly I picture laptop screens to be built into walls and projected like a plasma screen, possibly enlarged to be of a cinematic view likewise I agree with an associate who studies human biology of the use of nano machines and holographic interfaces for my choice mainly because they could be small enough to search around the body also the holographs means you wouldn't have to do explorational surgery. He also wishes for jet packs as a way of deportation for illegals I thought but he argued it could revolutionise businesses, you could visit clients around the world at an instant if there is an emergency. Another suggestion of his, "Wouldn't mind seeing safe nuclear reactors being built around the place" which in light of Kim Jong II's crazed leadership of Northern Korea whom ironically I read today of his liking for live fish of which he eats with a glass of fine French wine.

Good news on the Labour front, Blears was never much liked by Plashing Vole as you can see which his... well, diplomatic and considerate blog.


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Philosophical at 4am.

In a discussion with a trusted associate in the early hours of this morning seeing as neither could sleep with the heat and tribulations of the mind, we spoke of many things in our usual serious and occasionally satirical manner. From the talk of the future to the thoughts on why it is, I suffer from blackouts of which my MRI scans and doctoral attention could never pick upon the reason. Perhaps the medicine taken is a cause of the condition I suffer akin to epilepsy whereby I blackout rather then have a seizure possibly from the original contraction of meningitis which left me deafened and living with severe tinnitus 24/7.

These thoughts lead to two avenues; one of which the tragic news I read today whilst in the sunshine meant I didn't fully grasp the story of Little Sam and his parents Neil and Kazumi and could imagine that if I had died when I was in hospital the first 6 months of my life or when I had meningitis, my mother would of been beyond herself with grief. It is unimaginable that your child is disabled following a car crash then contracting meningitis that eventually kills the very being you brought into the world. The guilt and the absence of their little son meant their hearts would never heal so they took his deceased body in a rucksack and the pair jumped off the cliffs of Beachy Head to their deaths. I can only hope they rest in soft heavenly peace.

The second thought of self-encouragement to create a website and further blogs maybe even write literature that allows; tinnitus, epilepsy, deafness, meningitis and pneumonia awareness to be combined. As much as I like to hide behind this wall of permanent calm aggressiveness and dismissing everything with a brooding look, I actually do wish to the situation to improve for instance 1,000 die every year in the UK due to their epilepsy and with the current reliance on iPods and societal changes mean the world is invariably nosier which shall then contribute to an increase in those with hearing losses, I watched See Hear on the BBC which profiled musicians from rock bands of the 70s and 80s with severe tinnitus now. These guys played at high volumes, granted but still it's an issue that faces many if you think about how much damage the ear drums get on a regular basis.

All I know is, I must get involved with the excellent charity work and write more on these subjects hopefully get a booklet or an actual book released to bring the matters to people's attention in the hospital waiting rooms and schools for a start. It is the reason I'm here, I believe.

Stoke vs. Birmingham

It seems both Stoke City Deaf Football Club and Birmingham Deaf are vying for my services next season, trials impending and resource wise both teams need improvement but bursting with young talent. So a decision as to which team I play for and perhaps captain according to the Stoke coach as they wish for a leader as well as funding that the club promises they shall get thus arguing they are the better choice. Yet I also read an article citing the increase BNP followers in the City, surely not a good sign that the people are in disillusionment.

However seeing as many readers of this blog are from the Midlands area, would you anticipate that a resurgent Birmingham side could also get the attendance and support that Stoke, a Premier League Club can fall back on if meetings are successful? Bearing in mind, the Deaf Olympics of which the British Government would not fund a mere £100,000 but at least it raises awareness, in a summer devoid of competitive action then maybe more shall watch. Or shall I forget about the resources, pay for my own transport at a minimum just to fulfill an ambition and lead the charge to break the dominance of the Londoners raising the profile of the team in the process leading to many being chosen for the next Olympics. Either way, it shall be a challenge.

An update on the political chaos that has befallen our Cabinet with Jacqui Smith amongst them featuring predominately in the news of their resignations yet no word on the many others that have taken cash. I fear the rebellion against Gordon Brown too, will be a crushing blow to the hopeful prospects of recovering from the bleak times let alone Labour's General Election hopes after EU thrashing.


Monday, 1 June 2009

Favourite Place of the British Isles.

An idea occurred in my deprived mind of reminding people of the promised lands of North Yorkshire following the wonderful weather lately which I did so earlier too via a comment or two on Plashing Vole's blog.


Also with regards to speaking (ranting) with/at associates today and during the sunshine exploits in the park yesterday then the sanctioned albeit cliched BBQ that followed I pushed for Yorkshire recongization.

One such fellow spoke heatedly of Cumbria, a place I admittedly liked following childhood trips to the Lake District on a regular basis likewise Cornwall and Devon. All beautifully poised and as he said himself "Well, the views are terrific whether it's in summer or winter. The fact my hometown is next to the coast is brilliant, looking out over Scotland, occasionally seeing the Isle of Man on clear days". Sounds marvellous but I still persisted that the fresh air and tasteful foods, clear water and friendly ways of Yorkshire is superior to anything else even Kent, Cornwall and especially Northern France for a foreign input.

What are your views? Anywhere criminally underrated and thus you wish to put the record straight then do so.