Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Jacob's Creek 'Semillion Chardonnay'.

The wine is awful but some reason I have it on my desk which I may have stolen during a sleepwalking exercise. Oh I picked up the assignments from last semester up yesterday. However I wasn't pleased with my essay I handed in and after reading it through it seems I over-complicate and over think my work in such a hurry I forget the basics of syntax, grammar and punctuation which required more time spent on it. I have an abundance of ideas, tutors have said this but the lack of consideration of how I explain this to the marker which I need advice upon.

If any of you are English literate and perhaps would like to offer suggestions as to how I stop thinking and just write in a way that the markers could grasp without been taken on a expansive journey without reaching the destination, like a black cab in London then do please do so. My life would be far better off without the need to confuse people but I simply cannot help it.

On the subject of London, Michelle and Barack Obama visited t'other day and I was puzzled by this. Why must they visit the Capital whereby a terror strike and rudeness is more likely then Michelle Obama smiling when they could of visited the beautiful scenery of our Yorkshire Dales and in the process brought much needed publicity to the area.

Let's hope they didn't hear of our BNP uprising, Cabinet rowing and over-the-top surveillance which 'Who's Watching You' on BBC Two last night showed. But then again, I bet some bugger twittered about it and the Americans, the pioneers of social-networking rather then getting off their arses to play baseball/basketball/American football will of heard and the New York Times did a double page spread in the process.


The Plashing Vole said...

I don't usually give academic advice via blogs, but here are some simple tricks:
Write your essay with enough time to put it aside for a few days. Read it again and it'll look like someone else wrote it.
Take work to the Study Skills Advisers
Get someone else to read it.
Buy 'Revising Prose' - it's short and brilliant. Search for the full details on my librarything link.
Good luck.

intelliwench said...

In addition to what mr. vole said, I would quote mr. thoreau: "Simplify, simplify." Look at your headline haiku above -- and adopt some of that minimalism to your prose style. You can always embellish later to meet the word-count requirements ;-)