Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Money, Money, Money.

After awaking this morning with my associate Mr Thorne (not like that, he was merely crashing on my floor as we have mentor training today) it seems the news is alive with the sound of Gordon Brown's pitiful begging of his followers, enemies and neutrals within the Labour Party as he claimed to "play to my strengths and address my weaknesses”. Which are what, exactly? I was intrigued by Alan Johnson's claims Brown is a far better PM then Blair yet he may have the economic intelligence but where are these superficial superhero skills he talks of? I think 'The Johnson' is playing a clever game, look loyal to impress Brown also his enemies whom may place him as leader if Brown is pushed off a cliff.

Aside from that, it seems Real Madrid (Spanish side who have masses of debt however the King is a fan so... ) have bought Brazilian 'superstar' Kaka who I rated about two, three years ago for around 56 million pounds. Terrible, he isn't even that charismatic, plays the odd wonderful pass or a 30 yard strike but on the whole he comes a short of the likes of Cristano Ronaldo, Xavi and Lionel Messi in terms of consistenty and probably all round ability anyhow Madrid need a defender of some substance not to mention it seems that Ruud Van Nisterlrooy the only man who could be guaranteed 20 plus goals a season shall be sold to Tottenham. The term shooting themselves in the foot is apt for this situation.

Where does the spending end? Wages in the Premier League have already topped the One Billion mark, players been transferred for as much as it would cost to build a hospital or two maybe even finance an African government for a year. A spending cap needs to be enforced now, not in two or three years as FIFA have hinted also teams should be forced to use their youth academy to more subtle effect- play rather then sell them on.


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