Monday, 22 June 2009

Ménière's Disease

Earlier whilst watching Sky Sports News and scribbling down ideas for articles and short stories I inveighed writing about the condition discovered by a Frenchman in the 1861. I've thought recently whether or not I actually have this considering I do have similar symptoms; tinnitus, dizziness and progressive hearing loss but surely my audiologist would of spotted this over the years yet that said, I haven't seen him for nearly 18 months now and when I did he said I'd be completely deaf within 15-20 years. So that's something to look forward to...

Actually Julius Cesar, Marylin Monroe and Martin Luther had it, the latter suspected it was the work of Satan. Not to mention Apple's marketing kingpin in the 80's and 90's Guy Kawasaki also CEO of ACIUS suffers from the condition too, here's his blog

I shall head to the gym now and then start ringing people about vacant jobs, that'll go well (!)

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