Monday, 8 June 2009

Ibuprofen vs. The BNP

A weekend to forget certainly for all of those in this country who didn't vote therefore allowing the most destructive circumstances to unfold. The figures do not lie and nor will we live without fear and anxiety, racist BNP flouting our proud traditional sense of moral duty. It was my great grandfather and many of his friends, relatives and like minded soldiers that went to fight the Nazis in the Second World War believing we shouldn't stand by and let evil rule our lands. Now we are allowing them to do so.

I recall an article I did for the Hearing Times three months ago on the recession whereby I said this, without so much thought just appeared on my mind whilst writing;

The most deranged human being to walk the Planet, Adolf Hitler who merely profited and spoke charmingly at large rallies to gather support from those tired of paying hundreds of German Marks for a loaf of bread as a result of the Weimar Government printing more money then it could afford. Only when the Rentenmark was introduced did things improve slightly, does this create a positive picture of our future? Certainly not.

What I didn't realise is that not only the speed of which the BNP have become a threat to the major parties in this country but also the gullibility of our civilians who have allowed their disgraceful views and amateur propaganda influence them. The only way to prevent them from becoming more powerful is to stop them right now, Nick Griffin for all his wayward antics and views has shown himself to be an acute politician in the days of mistrust, he shouldn't even be on our streets. The fallibility of mankind has surfaced once again.

It seems I had a chest infection, viral illness and cold over the weekend so like a normal human being I took medicine, painkillers and ibuprofen which it seems I'm allergic too much like my father is with aspirins. So rather than recover I was left with severe stomach cramps and an acidic taste in my throat- I'd rather that then see the BNP flourish.

On a light note, at least the illness has allowed me to complete Vendetta of Silence (5,000 word short story for the Manchester Young Persons Writer award) with two alternative endings. If you wish to see them to vote for your favourite, leave a message or alternatively ring the Susan Boyle You Tube number- you've been warned, its fake and thus the reason she lost apparently.


Said the nut to the oak said...

Your comparisons to how Nazi Germany came to be and current times are accurate and worrying indeed. But your vote of confidence that like our grandfathers and grandmothers we can prevent it is certinaly the way to view it =)

emmag_ said...
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