Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Importance of Self Confidence

Do you feel you've reached an equilibrium in your life with an rising confidence in yourself but not beyond into the dark realms of arrogance? I've noted a remarkable difference in my self confidence since arriving at University to the point whereby I'm no longer a brooding 18 year old with an 1000 yard glare (on occasion it has been known I do this still) and I've become more talkative in a more welcoming environment. I guess it's called maturity, helped by my current dear lady whom is raving in Glastonbury with hippies thus I'm not overly pleased at the moment but thankfully I shall see her soon.

The egocentrics amongst us will always say they had bundles of confidence and their humour/looks/personality won people over without even trying however another thing I found this year is that they are the first people to shy away from: a fight/a decent conversation/a pretty lady that they know they could never charm effectively.

My associate Mr Zepplin, one of the reasons I did this blog and of course the inspirational Plashing Vole has similar sized ego to myself after all we are brothers from different mothers hence he has has the same layout blog in tribute:

So, as the question originally asked: Do you feel less or more confident than you did a year ago and if not, what do you wish to do about this?


Cloud of Despair said...

I do feel much more confident since I have met many people that changed my outlook, basically helped my lifestyle out. I wish to grow even more confidence in myself...that I don't need to fight around the bush!

Great blog as always.

Some Chilean Woman said...

About a year ago I was single, working, making good money, I felt beautiful and independent. I feel the same now, except I am married and broke.