Sunday, 7 February 2010

Invasion of Poker fanatics: Defeated.

Midst fears of invasion of the last web address, this is a completely different notion to the murky world of gambling. And as you're reading this you shouldn't be too concerned with ending up playing blackjack with intemperate foreigners. Good weekend? For my part it was a weekend that began with the most wonderful, puzzling, chaotic experience upon my first day placement at a secondary school went with a bang, quite literally in the canteen as I focused my attentions on bullying at the other end of the room.  

It’s on the edge of the city, “Run-down” according to the newly established head teacher who had already made his impact on the destructive kids and exhausted staff with some blocks demolished and new rooms built including an excellent deaf unit. Aided by an aura of confidence I threw myself into classes: relentlessly projecting a steely glare upon troublemakers in the Year 10 science class before instructing those writing short stories in Year 8 English to feature less weaponry and violence as quite disturbingly that they had the nous of a SAS veteran of combat. Their licentiousness puts the fear of God into those teaching yet I have never felt an environment so natural even a swift lunch interrupted by a large number of students concerned enough by my presence didn't deter my passion so a timetable to fit around my studies is on the cards.

The numbers of deaf children attending deaf schools are decreasing furiously with many schools closing down to the fury of the Teacher of the Deaf as I aspire to become so do sign this petition if you wish to halt such frivolous closure and in the meantime, show the Government to be the callous organization they are:

As much as the hard of hearing students of the school impressed me, as they did throughout the day with their razor sharp wit and intelligent manner that reminded me of my own cheerful innocence which defied the joyless ceremony that took place in the staff room (incidentally resembled the set of ‘Teachers’ only less hazardous acting) I still feel that deaf schooling is far greater to their development.

The weekend also coincided with the anniversary with the Munich deadly plane crash as 52 years have passed since the tragedy marked with a 5-0 win at Old Trafford yet the Busby Babes would've massacred our current side as they aare still proclaimed the greatest side that lived and will continue to be remembered for as long as Manchester United exist.  Rest in Peace those who perished.