Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Futuristic Developments

In light of a recent competition for the hard of hearing across the UK to design new equipment based on incentive of small cash reward for their ideas, I wonder if readers of this blog have thought about the future. Is there anything in particular you wish to see in 10, 15 years time that could make a substantial difference to the way of life in this country and beyond?

Personally I would like to see new ways of making a payment in a shop or online perhaps via fingertip identification that allows the sum to be discounted from the memory storing your bank account thus the need for ATMs would cease to existence and so would mugging. Which leads to another venture of ways to stop criminality, I saw a trailer for the new Hollywood bullshit called 'GI Joe' which aside from the sex appeal of Sienna Miller in PVC and blackened hair it also offers a view of the future policing with robotic outfits allowing the police to climb walls like metallic monkeys. Equally good would be to one day when wish to use the internet (which will be a far quicker, more coherent and effective at this time too) all that is needed is your brain's transmitting thoughts to be read by the computer, selecting the various things you wish to see.

Similarly I picture laptop screens to be built into walls and projected like a plasma screen, possibly enlarged to be of a cinematic view likewise I agree with an associate who studies human biology of the use of nano machines and holographic interfaces for my choice mainly because they could be small enough to search around the body also the holographs means you wouldn't have to do explorational surgery. He also wishes for jet packs as a way of deportation for illegals I thought but he argued it could revolutionise businesses, you could visit clients around the world at an instant if there is an emergency. Another suggestion of his, "Wouldn't mind seeing safe nuclear reactors being built around the place" which in light of Kim Jong II's crazed leadership of Northern Korea whom ironically I read today of his liking for live fish of which he eats with a glass of fine French wine.

Good news on the Labour front, Blears was never much liked by Plashing Vole as you can see which his... well, diplomatic and considerate blog.

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Natural Blues said...

A time machine would be good