Monday, 30 March 2009

More on Mrs Smith..

If things couldn't get more strangely conspired, Mrs Smith and friends now have the right to edit their expenses claims before publication. So all them pornographic, violent DVDs her bearded husband likes to watch on presumably a large HD tax payer paid of course could be a thing of the past. I watched this video of her walking out of the house, hoping for a responce or a statement of intent to change perhaps not have expenses any longer... she merely said 'Good morning' in a smug delusion before following her ladyboy bodyguard who is half her size.

Why she needs a bodyguard is anyones guess, she is too low profile to be shot. Its like shooting an ASDA checkout woman because she gave the wrong change when the boss (Gordon Brown) is roaming around at the entrance.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Government's Sexual Antics

I awoke to this rather pleasant morning marred only by the absence of my lady friend who departed for work I sipped upon my blueberry/strawberry and banana smoothie in the sun then started reading the news which I now regret, if only a comic store was open directly opposite my halls of residence.

The news is full of sexual antics of MPs. In the middle of a recession; finanical news, wars and poverty have been displaced by the exploits of Miss Jacqui Smith's husband's pornographic viewing;

As terrible as it is, the fact he watched it on a taxpayers tab but is it in all honestly the most important news story of the day? Of course not. Whether or not Miss Smith is now sacked remains to be seen. I personally never listened with interest to her interviews, House of Commons talks through the miserable fact she is a rather sleep inducing even when she says something idotic its almost too embrassing. Now this fiasco and the fact she'll pay the money back it'll will do little to redeem her.

All MP expenses claims should be investigated if this is anything to go by, on such a salary that they recieve why are expenses needed anyway? £300,000, one such MP has recieved in the past decade..

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Anti-Capitalist Vigilante Group

As seen in this article, the revolutionary group of muscle bound warriors encaptured with imagination and sharp wit ATTACKED Sir Fred 'Scumbag Millionaire, greedy and conniving' Goodwin house.

Except of course, the idenity of these rouge warriors are unknown so my glowing description is worthless. At least they aren't yobs or street gang otherwise their name would be V-Unit with the motto 'Going to stab you, Blud'. On the other hand they could be 80 year old, Second World War heroes seeking vengence on their motor-scooters and fully armed with their medals glistering with pride. Or football hooligans as I expect.

However, as much as we all wanted to see Goodwin squrim and could foresee this happening we know it was wrong and our moral high ground has crumbled.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Missing Lady

Very rarely does a news item shock me but this did, the very streets I walked upon last year whilst studying in the beautiful city not far from my family home of Hunmanby.

If New York is the City that never sleeps then York is the one that is never awake. I recall a drug bust in the last year or so, that is it. Its mellow, laid back and carefree at the best of times, the Police are virtually non existental. Even Satan, the fallen angel of God could walk through without so much of a glance.

I hope Miss Lawrence is not in any danger and gladly this is York not South London. Unfortunately the Police haven't a clue what lies ahead, their training videos consists of Die Hard 2 and Lethal Weapon.

This is the sort of crime they have to put a stop to;

Look at the old dear's body language. She is angry and full of loathing. Beware criminals, you better pray the Police get you first or the OAPs shall rip your heart out and feed to Baxter the dog.

"Gardening is our only pleasure" says Mr Smith.. with a face like hers, you can see why.

Tax Haven and Spandau Ballet, odd mix indeed.

News of the Government crack down on those living in tax havens such as Switzerland has been long overdue but needed especially in the recession. As touched upon by Plashing Vole blog last week, many sly businessmen, musicans and Formula One drivers escaping the taxmen it leaves the rest of the UK paying the taxes that keep the country stable. Hopefully the Government find those responsible, take back what is due and then send in a few heavies to physically punish them.

I hear Spandau Ballet are set to make a comeback which is excellent news. At a risk of sounding sartical, Tales of Isolation and Anger does indeed like the band without knowing exactly why. Its certainly not the towering figure of Tony Hadley or the quiff haired brothers themselves or their swooning voices. Perhaps my mother listened to them as I was in the womb, she liked Chris Issac so why not these lot.

Would certainly explain why I desperately wanted to be born three months early at a risk of dying.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Political Ambiguous tone

Those reading The Tales of Isolation and Anger may be inclined to believe its supportive of the Opposition more accurately the Conservatives with the David Cameron piece, the unintentional implication that the Labour Party to be almost the Mafia in the last blog. This is incorrect, I actually backed the Labour Party through many years even the topics such as the Iraq War.

But times change, I believe the Labour Party to be murdering the hopes of many. It started with the Olympic chaos, the money plunged into it then the non apparent backing of the GB Deaflympic hopes (to take place this summer in Taiwan) with no funding available at all. Then of course the Fred Goodwin debacle, recession woes and increase in crime all adds to the mistrust I feel for Gordon Brown.

More Madness...

Its been amongst the dammed rumoured mutterings within student ranks almost like the Third Reich sweeping rumours of discontentment it has now confirmed, the tuition fee that is already high enough is to increase by two thousand pounds to 5 thousand. Which means upon graduating may mean having to pay back 15 perhaps 20 thousand on tuition fees alone with the added maintenance re payments will leave many in such debt that the question of 'Is studying at University even worth it?' when of course it is, not that many will take the view that long term potentials outshine the shortcomings..

As this article highlights, the pitfalls of student debt will mirage with credit loans leaving them in even more trouble

If the Government have the interests of the students at heart, this notion would not pass through Lords. Yet, this is the Labour Party we are talking about. The voices opposing will soon be silenced.

With the Pope around, who needs Satan.

Fanastic, inspiring and lovable... three words that rarely collocate with Pope Benedict, the ageing source of vile whitterings.

His latest offering, after the embrassment of the Bishop dening the Holocaust is to attribute condoms as not the solution but the problem to the growing AIDS epidemic which already threatens the lives of tens of millions. Which is utterly madness.

Knowing that the Catholic Church wish for mass production of babies and ever growing populations even with those dying upon birth or festering with diseases alone as their parents have perished to AIDS which needs more resources and time to help dimish. The last thing the sufferers needed was such ignorance from a supposed respected worldy figure.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Leaders of the Freeworld who couldn't run a bath.

Gordon Brown, the first of many politicians who has the intelligence to cover up the woes of the UK by performing a 'miraclous task' in this instant, the speech to Congress.

I would admire him only if he sorted our country out before these wild claims. But if these claims do ever come to fruition, the world would only return to the choas that was 2008. We need to eliminate the greed culture that engulfed the 'Boom and Bust' years. To do this, the State need to gain more control of the banks if anything is to happen in the future like he suggested with the eyebrow raising statement "literally billions of people in other continents will move from being simply producers of their goods to being consumers of our goods, and in this way our world economy will double in size".

Stumbling blindly through the applause of Americans while our nation crumbles. Is there a short term solution or is he indeed our greatest hope? David Cameron would argue otherwise.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Ambitious article

Today, I constructed an article entitled 'How detrimental are iPods to the Deaf and mp3 Generation' citing many of the concerns of audiologist and linking it to my ever increasing tinnitis which left me sleep deprived last night. Even placing my head to the kitchen air vact did little to diminish the high pitch frequencies which ironically must of been caused by the listening to my iPod at high volume which of course shouldn’t be but then how I would be able to hear it otherwise?

Fingers crossed the editor of the Hearing Times finds it interesting then awareness will spread of the isolated chaos of tinnitis.