Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Tragic Demise of the Independent

Regularly, when I read the Times Online and the Guardian whilst sipping my herbal tea in halls of residence or the occasional coffee if I'm in Starbucks, there is a passing thought to whether I should buy the Independent instead. My mind rules over my heart's contemplations therefore I never seem to read it as much as I used to do. It seems many have the same belief- it's just a tremendous paper ruined by lack of dept whilst under resourced which successful news corporations have in large doses thanks to their popularity and ownership (which ironically is the brunt of the issue, they need new owners and fast) not to mention their significant monthly losses compounded by their parent company, Independent News & Media inexcusable failure to repay a £179m bond.

The Independent journalists have recently moved into the Mail's offices as it seems things have become that bad. Imagine moving from your current location, comfortable and all your belongings nearby to do what is already a stressful occasionally short lived job in a small almost isolated space with cynical vultures breathing fire down your neck.

Luckily in my amateur but ambitious case as an overly disenchanted political student-minded writer for the new resurgent Hearing Times I could write wherever I wished on whatever topic that occurs to my mind even a damming piece on the nutritional (lack of) contents of my offensively priced Starbucks sandwich if I wished to. Basically what thought for their journalists has INM posed? Also how do the likes of the Sun and the Mail who write such abhorrent drivel have more appeal and outsell their rivals without the need to economize.

The Independent is a once dazzling now slowly fading newspaper- an unpolished stagnant baroque. Lets hope their unquenchable thirst to write well as one such article demonstrated which in fact endeared and inspired this blog was on a personal childhood hero- the brooding figure of Eric Cantona who was quite remarkable on and off the pitch.

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thanks for visiting my blog I am glad you enjoyed the 15 reasons... I snorted coffee out my nose laughing at some of those this morning... I hope you come back and visit again!