Thursday, 7 May 2009


They called it 'groundbreaking' more like stomach churning however finally the Police launched a momentous coup to seize the paedophile ring of disgust.

Much like the horrific claims made against the stepfather of Baby P, if true surely he has to be castrated. How these men could ever think their web of deceit and lies, their perverted thoughts could lead to a life of normality particularly amongst a society still haunted by the memories of Sarah Payne's daughter's death and the disputable actions of Ian Huntley. A deterrence is required, I watched a Louis Theroux's documentary on American stance with regards to allowing their former convicted paedophiles- some were full remorse whilst others in a state of delusion. Far better they were locked up under surveillance and regularly in their preparations to be released rather then directly given a secure house, different ID. They may have caused the most terrible crimes but this isn't an Utopian state, criminals cannot be chained or forced into slavery although that would be ideal. Punish them for all their sins, the little lives they have wrecked.

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