Saturday, 16 May 2009

Thoughts on Educational Stance vs. Tempetation

To those who know me well, it's evident that I do not portray my thoughts in perhaps the way they would like me too. It's one of the reasons I originally did this blog, I find it difficult to convey my inner feelings leading to frustration hence the title 'Tales of Isolation and Anger' if you ever wondered. I've been thinking, mulling over things even in the company of ladies; amidst of another title win for Manchester United, the freedom summer despite the less then pleasing climates offers and the absent of assignments other then a short story I previously blogged about for a competition.

Whilst reading a marvellous book on Deaf education and the clear need for more deaf teachers as the University tutors told me when I arrived last summer to sign up for an interpreting degree "You cannot hear, you would be far better studying to be a teacher for the deaf... you could be a role model using your English capabilities" its clear many deaf students would respond better to a fellow deaf person educating them. But I realise I need to inspire using a balanced teaching using an personal adaptation of Barbara Wolfe's pedagogy model (ideal for passive learners, become an authoritarian with emphasis on the subject) or alternatively an andragogy (active learner based, problem centered and perhaps out of curiosity I would teach them). Incredibly hardwork, spotting who needs to be taken aside perhaps work upon their communication and biological development to those who are pressured by social constraints.

On the other side of the coin, rather then pursue a relentless charge to be a teacher with my communicative annoyances in a predominately hearing environment needing two years training at a mainstream school once graduated and claimed my P.G.C.E in a location I'm still undecided about there is the temptation to become a writer or journalist instead. Writing stories and for the Hearing Times, applying for Guardian trainee ship am I telling myself something?

Perhaps doing Creative Writing alongside English Literature instead of Deaf Studies and possibly moving to Manchester University to do M.A would be a better option. Like many other 20 year old students, I'm in a state of unawares- the transition period from being a student to employment requires deep thought and many go travelling or work immediately. In my mind, I feel I haven't the time to travel or rest on my loins so my decision making needs to be done sooner rather then later.

If you feel/felt the same or wish to advice myself and the other student bloggers then do comment.


Sir Mitchell of Cashmore said...

Although I've never been in your position, I would advise you with the following cheese. Do what ever you want to do, within your heart and wihtin your mind. Think where you would be better off at and where you will more than likely be able succeed.

As I said, I've never been in your position, but sometimes I feel that I wasn't cut out to go to uni, which pushes me further to suceed at Uni.

Good look sire.

merciless_public said...

I don't know how to advise you or even if I should seeing as you and you alone can only make the decision. But what I would say is you seem, from reading this, to be putting quite a bit of pressure on yourself and these thoughts on University.
I can see why and there are things to conclude each argument with but, ultimately, that conclusion lies with you.

Demented Demon. said...

Thank you both for your comments. Very helpful.

From writing the blog I realised my overwhelming sense of disappointment by not becoming a teacher as I believe I should is in direct conflict with my parnoia that I wouldn't help the students reach their full potential. The writing is perhaps a distraction from these thoughts and not a career option otherwise I'd inject the same passion as I do as when I talk with others about teaching aspirations.

Thank you once again, my mind is clearing now.