Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Guess This Is Goodbye, then.

Sadly, the very soul that I championed over his lambasting of two MPs in the House of Commons has been branded to blame for all the ills of expense claims in an petty week of political scaremongering alas he shall walk away from his commitments. Perhaps the right decision but it strikes me as unfair that the attention diverted to Michael Martin and not the MPs who took thousands- classic trick to save their own skins.


My story is flowing well with ideas starting to develop also took time to visit the Ikon Art Gallery featuring a strange conceptional art project by two bald pale faced males throwing lemons at each other. Close to the Bullring in Birmingham with the lady meeting her mother and sister for the first time also enjoyed the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery where I learnt of Renaissance artworks in pleasant surroundings far greater satisfaction than shopping for consumer goods.



Although, I must admit I rather liked the stylish but shockingly priced goods of a certain store in the Bullring (has outlets across the UK) especially this suit which I would literally strangle my own relative for...


(I shan't participate in such murderous crimes but would plead insanity if I did. Or divert police attention by blaming Michael Martin)

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