Saturday, 9 May 2009

Things Tales of Isolation and Anger shan't do.

Inspired by this blog post by my learned associate, Plashing Vole here is the 6 things of T of I&A:

1. Take a picture with a smiley facial expression. Glare only.

2. Show remorse or pain.

3. Read or watch anything from the Twilight series despite referring to it in an essay (wanted to show I was in touch with the latest tirade of bullshit)

4. If I do teach Deaf children then 'Twitter' and the like, which newspaper reports cite as future subjects.

5. Fight Manny Pacquico, although I can take swift punches he is too fast for anyone on this planet. He is probably an alien race.

6. Cook food for my lady, she is too nice to be poisoned.


The Plashing Vole said...

Good list!

Natural Blues said...

Hahaha, yes well that would explain your lack of cooking. You just stick with your eggs, porridge and chicken. I'll do the rest as usual :) xx