Sunday, 10 May 2009

Small part of Tales of I&A feels better..

After that horrific video and discovery that as the fire went up so fast amongst the wood, plastic and paint leaving looking like a bomb went off also those who did not go onto the pitch tried to escape via the toilets to the gates which as the game was on... were locked. One person even got killed by the turnstile in a mad rush ending up crushed. As the anniversary is today, many more sad thoughts by the Yorkshire families of whom I feel affiliated to.

This news bizarrely cheered me up. Lets hope the golf skills of Sir Fred do not suffer, the cheating toe rag probably gets his golf buddy to help increase chances of winning by greasing up the opponents golf club or jesting him backed by pictural 'evidence' of his wife with the milkman (porn star paid for by Goodwin) to put him off.

In the end, the good shall perish and the bad guys reign whilst such a modicum of a victory like this is a symbolises how society can alienate these fuckers.

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