Friday, 8 May 2009

'He that sows thistles shall reap prickles'

Some good news even in my current food poisoned state which is a rarity on this blog and comes in four parts. Firstly all assignments handed in, the University shall no longer plague my existence for the duration of summer (in total of nearly 20 weeks) thus more time for article writing (interview with the author of 'My Brother John' on Sunday in Manchester followed by a nights stay in London on Wednesday with my lady to see a show (the book link: and shall work upon story developments then when completed will enter a prestigious competition in August and of course regular blogging of political observation.

Part II: Aside from training to be fit in time for trials for Birmingham Deaf side, I plan to find some part-time work additionally voluntary assistance of young deaf/disabled children through One Voice Project- hopefully will be brilliant fun also the National Deaf Children Society's sporting events to attend as a coach once I've qualified and Big Walk in York where I shall see many old associates

Part III: It seems the military are seeing something of a boom in applicants, the recession perhaps leaving many with the possibility of financial ruin so they seek to join the Army. Wonderful boost for the security of this country and for associates of mine who are already fighting on the front lines and are constantly deployed to different areas of hellish warfare- Iraq most commonly of course

Also the iconic Eric Cantona stars in a film directed by Ken Loach- a meeting of two intellectual minds which upon June the 13th when it is released shall be watched by countless of Manchester United fans still wounded by his announcement he was to retire from football. He is back and Jesus Christ (no blasphemy anyhow Patrice Evra is indeed Jesus) talk about good timing- United face Barcelona in the Champions League final (a match made in Heaven) not before beating our City rivals come Sunday in the march to retain the Premiership title and truly knocking Liverpool off their 'fucking perch'. For those who cannot wait:

Nevertheless there is sadly some disappointment as it seems our inept Government handling of expenses has spiralled out of control with such ridiculous claims for money leaking to the public and the Police so effectively we are paying taxes to find out who is abusing the tax system for those who earn enough

How about instead of wasting the time of our forces, our money taken from our thankless task of energy draining long hours whereby our grandfathers are still working despite being over 70 just so the heating bills can be paid- they just admit they are callous and shall pay back every penny of their devious gains to regain some credibility or ideally they face the sack.

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