Friday, 1 May 2009

Torturous Arab vs. Swine Flu

Which is the most threatening to society? If you had to face death with the only get out clause given to you by Satan which was to survive either a raging twisted member of the UAE's Royalty torture or swine flu which would you pick? I mean, he ran over the man with his Merc a few times to top it off! Gladily they don't have red double decker buses in those parts of the World.

The callousness has offended the Americans who will uphold signing papers that could see peaceful harmony via nuclear fuel restriction and technological exchanges. Therefore if this carries on, the UAE shall no longer be an ally. Which could lead to violent consequences. So that's my pick.

But yes, if swine flu takes hold as many panicking rushing for medical security when they have only just read about it then maybe some shall perish. However it's hardly going to be as tragic as previous flu outbreaks where millions died almost 80 years ago. So lets calm down and see how potent this really is. I had less people stressed when I was dying of meningitis.

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