Monday, 25 May 2009

Oh Lord...

I've actually found myself actually agreeing to the words of the Conservative Leader David Cameron without wishing him to be hurt by been rugby tackled through a shop window which incidentally was on the 4th storey floor.

Reform is needed, he is precisely correct but why couldn't Gordon Brown be as brave and calculating? I also agree with the stance Cameron took upon the expenses row, he was a hardliner and ruthless which is exactly what this ailing country needs before greed, drugs, knifings and wars take hold. He rightfully points out that 'from politics, government and the state, there's a sense of power and control draining away; having to take what we're given, with someone else pulling the strings' but the question remains, can he realistically change matters?

Also why is the discursiveness of regional assemblies so apparent? I mean, Jesus Christ this line worried me 'our reforms will take the power over education out of the council's hands and put it directly in parents' hands, so they have control' which leads to the conclusion that's more turkey twizzlers, shorter amounts of time students spend in school and lessened homework with more TV, video gaming and of course no visible discipline at any time. Let them run amok. Brilliant!

Lastly, a mention to one of the greatest football manager of all time. Sir Matt Busby whom you can read about in the link below: if alive he'd been 100 today, Rest in Soft Peace.

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The Plashing Vole said...

He sounds reasonable, but he's also the multimillionaire who took hundreds of thousands of pounds for mortgage payments. He won't institute any of these reforms, and he still won't say what else he's going to do in government, despite having had years of leadership now. He's centralised his party - no way will he decentralise power.

Parent power is a frightening thing - it usually means the meanest and loudest get their way. It's also a trick: local education authorities can be changed by voting out the council - Cameron's new plan removes this democratic control.