Thursday, 28 May 2009

Last Night vs. Today

Terribly depressed this morning following the Champions League final defeat of Barcelona in Rome, I walked out of the publican looking alarmingly at the future with an facial expression akin to having the worries of the world on my shoulders and in mourning. Aside from the technical points that lead to the defeat I was asking myself will the United side re-establish themselves as a true contender to Barcelona's title next season? Will Christano Ronaldo stay on or venture to Madrid in a petulant display that he has become synonymous with? It'll be yet another media fest this summer.

However today was lively with the packing, reading and story writing in the bright sun and visits to the park and Art Gallery planned for tomorrow; keenly looking ahead to the exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery with fine Contemporary works. It isn't Tate Modern, but it'll do.

Good news regarding the MP scandal, as touched upon by Plashing Vole as the wall of silence has crumbled and people are now paying for their greed. Marvellous. However just three MPs to date are considering standing down, what about the rest of the freeloaders. Yes, they earn less then many high paying professions in this country however they aren't here for personal gain but to establish democracy and freewill.


The Plashing Vole said...

We're up to ten now. 3 today.

Demented Demon. said...

Wonderful. Many more to come, one hopes.