Monday, 25 May 2009

Ignorance vs. Arrogance.

Which trait is the most offensive? If you met someone on the bus who was vilely ignorant, an utter moronic stranger who uttered their dislike or typical stereotyping of a minority would you chastise them or hope they quietened if you said nothing in response. Or would you be more annoyed by someone's arrogance, boasting of the weekend's champagne drinking sexual conquests?

This is what faced me in my first night at my new restaurant in town whereby I have started to work tending to the bar and waiting, far different from my days in York as I have now chosen to wear my hearing aid to assist in taking orders e.t.c when in the past I'd rather struggle then be judged before I have even opened my mouth. Consequently, as they are paying it's unlike to a social situation and my hatred of people had to be dimmed slightly otherwise I'd been sacked. But of course I spotted the odd disapproving look, one woman acted with such contempt with the arrogant dismissing tone and refusal to acknowledge my effort in carrying a ton of plates filled with hot Rojan Josh. Another man, was the ignorant soul who presumed I was completely unintelligent and below his mightily high standards whilst sat with his co-workers of some hopefully struggling business.

This was just one night. An insight into the society we live in. Little wonder our MPs are scum too.

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Cloud of Despair said...

Aye, I can completely understand how people are like to the people with disabilities. It is, frankly, disgusting.