Thursday, 2 April 2009

Sad News.

Sadly this blog shan't be of the G20 mayhem but for the first time in what felt like decades, I felt emotion.

My Grandma died yesterday upon suffering four strokes within weeks and manhandled so effectively by nursing home staff that she was left with severe bruising and two large lumps on her head as they tried to turn her over as she collasped. Tired out, she passed away peacefully in her sleep with the radio on, just how she would of liked it.

I do not know what to feel. Anger for the way she was treated at the new nursing home that she had been there for less then a month or saddened that I wasn't there to tell her I loved her.

My eyes well up at the thought of her in any discomfort, I was shocked at first and now realise that I shall never see her smile or frail hands hold mine again.

Rest in Peace, the angels shall look after you now x


Natural Blues said...

You have got the memories though :) xx

hltoffy said...

I know this will sound churlish, but I do understand what you're going through. When my Grandad died, he died alone in hospital because the nurses didn't give us any warning. We found out from the death certificate that he died of C. Dif. and that he would have been in a lot of pain, even though he didn't mention it, that was my Grandad through and through. I was so angry when I found out, the nurses hadn't even deemed us worthy to tell us he hadn't been eating properly. Most of all though, I was angry at the resentment I'd felt towards him and the fact that I'd let myself down by being so childish.

You've just got to hang onto the good things you can remember, that way your loved ones never truly leave and are never truly far away.

Take care, here if ya need to talk as ever :)

The Plashing Vole said...

I'm really sorry about this - death is hard enough to deal with without these circumstances. Try Tennyson's 'In Memoriam'. In case you're still thinking about your Hearing Times piece, mail it to me.

The Adventurous Caterpillar said...

Sorry to hear this. I hope your ok xx