Monday, 27 April 2009

'The New Renaissance'

Prince Charles proclaimed upon his visit to meet the Pope who surely wouldn't be pleased with him divorcing our nations' sweetheart and remarrying a woman whose looks are so incomparable. The fact he offered a gift of flowers and a signed picture of himself and his wife is more of an insult then present.

However the Prince said: “I believe strongly that the response we make to the challenge before us will define our era. Just as the Italian Renaissance defines for so many of us in Europe a reawakening of cultural and intellectual identity at the end of the medieval period, so our actions today could be remembered as a renaissance in how we live, and the beginning of a new era in the effective stewardship of our planet.”

Well as much as I enjoy the works of many Renaissance writers, our culture is beyond help even if we aspire to be just like those who lived in a world we can only dream of. He correctly pointed out the threat of global warming but by asking for "collaboration between communities, nations and continents" surely he realises that he is pleading to the terrorist state that we now live in and the last thing many wish to do is work alongside United States of America and the British Isles.

Or maybe in his mind he is still in the 1960s. Where Camilla presumably looked nice.

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