Monday, 30 March 2009

More on Mrs Smith..

If things couldn't get more strangely conspired, Mrs Smith and friends now have the right to edit their expenses claims before publication. So all them pornographic, violent DVDs her bearded husband likes to watch on presumably a large HD tax payer paid of course could be a thing of the past. I watched this video of her walking out of the house, hoping for a responce or a statement of intent to change perhaps not have expenses any longer... she merely said 'Good morning' in a smug delusion before following her ladyboy bodyguard who is half her size.

Why she needs a bodyguard is anyones guess, she is too low profile to be shot. Its like shooting an ASDA checkout woman because she gave the wrong change when the boss (Gordon Brown) is roaming around at the entrance.

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The Plashing Vole said...

It's all rather hilarious, but shouldn't be a news story. They're not to my taste, but these films are legal, and presumably he's missing his hard-working wife. It seems that they have a TV/phone/internet bundled package, so it's easy to see how the payment would have slipped through.

What is annoying me is that the News International tabloids are screaming loudest - the organisation which includes the satellite and Pay TV service subscribed to by the Smiths. So clearly it's OK to make and sell porn, but not to watch it.

I think the story is a sign of the media's desperate hysteria. They've decided to lynch the government, Labour MPs and all politicians (in that order) and are prepared to exaggerate any little thing, aided by judicious bribery of partisan civil servants. What an aid to the public sphere the tabloids are.

On Ms. Smith: I've no strong feelings about her either way (except that as a cabinet minister in this government she's clearly a class traitor), but I think some boring ministers are pretty much what we need. Do we want the Boris Johnsons, Alan Clarks, Tom Dribergs, Ron Browns etc in government? No thanks! They might be good fun for the papers but there's more to government than entertainment.