Monday, 20 April 2009

J.G Ballard vs. President Ahmadinejad

Two very complicated characters set the tone for today's blog, one sadly passed away and another has put the nail in his own metaphorical coffin which is ironic considering. J.G Ballard first of all, an extraordinary writer who I'm currently studying with respect to his 'The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista’ in one of my modules. His views were often alarming but deeply interesting as Martin Amis once said of him: “Ballard is quite unlike anyone else; indeed, he seems to address a different – a disused – part of the reader's brain.”

Plashing Vole brilliantly shows how much of an impact Ballard's work had in his blog today;

He'll best remembered for his 'Empire of the Sun' novel that of course turned into a Hollywood movie and inspired many recent bands with his dark twist on life. Another person who will be best remembered for something darkened and sinister almost is President Ahmadinejad. His outspoken views earlier today led to mass walkout at a UN meeting as he called Israel 'racist'. Another politician with an agenda it seems and in the light of recent MP fracas over expense paying, it'll grasp little sympathy in the UK as the British diplomat leaving the conference showed. Perhaps someone ought to remind him of his standing in the world as a leader of Iran he showed contempt for his colleagues and his own nation with such bitterness.

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merciless_public said...

Wow, you do Storytelling & Adaptation (I think). I'm doing 'Stellevista' too. It's a really good short story, I'm hoping to get the Vermillion Sands collection too, soon.