Friday, 24 April 2009

English Arrogance

Upon discussing Rudyard Kipling's Beyond The Pale in seminar this afternoon, I raised the point of observance that the cultural divide is linked to the English gentleman in the story who was almost arrogant in the way that he proceeded with romanticising a young girl who consequently had her hands chopped off. It was typical of the time of the English domination of those she ruled, the Empire was all that mattered not those who were butchered or taken in slavery that our traditional patriotism fails to mention.

Then once I had spoken to my harem of ladies (not really they are merely fellow Literature students) and walked back, poached some eggs to read the Telegraph and the Times whilst eating I read of the complaints made about comments a man I have often championed on here- Dr David Starkey. He went down in my high estimation with his damnation of 'feeble' nations such as Scotland and Wales of which is completely unfounded and ludicrous. To my mind, this is just typical of our culture and our celebration of arrogance and he is merely playing up to traditional views and with his experience and intelligence he shouldn't of made such error of judgement particularly on Question Time where the BBC have suffered many a complaint in the past 12 months.

However I did agree that bagpipes are indeed awful but that's only because I can barely hear anything and when I do, its something that absurd for instance on a trip to Scotland as a youngster I was plagued with the festival spirit and kilt wearing men that were probably on the Sex Offenders List.

Will we ever become to the understanding that our nation is not above anyone especially as we owe a gratitude of debt (literally) to China and America.

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