Monday, 13 April 2009

Tony Soprano vs. David Starkey

Very rarely or if ever I have been told, does this blog speak of positivity or love and devotion likewise the absent mentionables of utter nonsense on television from the essentials aside but one such rarity has been occasionally demolished by the likes of the American drama Sopranos and the BBC 2's Still Game and now Channel 4's Henry VII The Mind of a Tyrant series which started off in exceedingly well shot and created epsiode. Much credit goes to David Starkey who has offered interest beyond his peers; he is an historian out of his love for history rather than money.

For instance his books in particular The Court: Castiglione's Ideal and Tudor Reality I found to have the same jest as his television narratives as he makes it sound more dramatic then it perhaps is. The audience found out more then expected to the character and background of the blood thirsty maniac. Starkey set out to prove he was not just a womanizer that wished for a heir in the shape of a boy even though his daughter by his second wife became perhaps the greatest monarch of our country's proud history. Yet it's Henry who shall be forever remembered for the wrong reasons if you choose not to tune into this excellent broadcast to rival even the murder and violent occurences of Tony Soprano's fictional life.


hltoffy said...

I've been watching that as well, I thought it was interesting how it was suggested that Henry had been influenced by tales of Knights and courtly romance, in addition to his being brought up in a household pretty much entirely of women and how this was reasoning for his later actions in life - how he married for love and not polictical gain and how he punished severly for even the merest hint of betrayal.

Phoebe said...

how'd you find my blog if you don't know me then? I'm relatively new to this business! And are you really only 20 as you write in an educated fashion that seems to extend well beyond your years? my curiousity will probably be the death of me one day...

YORKSHIREEEEEEE! are you from there as well? it's brilliant.