Sunday, 19 April 2009

'Vendetta of Silence' Planning Stages

In the past two days my efforts have solely concentrated on impressing various media types at the Lighthouse film makers' workshop with my plot idea for 'Vendetta of Silence' that along with an associate we have discussed for the last two, three months. There was John Maidens, a hard of hearing but excellent directorial/writer figure of personal short films and television dramas such as Eastenders and to a lesser extent- The Bill. A master of camera shot choices and how to communicate with others around him such as runners, make up artist and actors of course remarkable considering he is terribly deaf.

Then today the Dreamfinder Productions lady, producer of many films such as 'Souled Out' appeared and spoke of how to budget accordingly whilst spiritedly delegating tasks also how to successfully pitch ideas. However it then struck me, I could write many things in relation to this story and expand upon the emotionless side but affectionate tendencies as the main character becomes more assured of his deafness but this is a 20 minute max short film.

So I must decide whether to pursue the film idea i.e complete the script to go with my poster, synopsis and scene breakdown or to completely abandon the project for the time being and concentrate on my Literature degree and articles for the Hearing Times till the summer then write all the thoughts down into a book of some sort.


hltoffy said...

Terribly unhelpful comment: Go with your gut instinct. 9/10 times, your initial reaction is a good one to go with, but if it helps:

1) If you're enjoying the film project and it's not affecting anything, why not?

2) Getting the degree is important, both in terms of employment future and financially, as, if you screw it up, you're just going to have to pay to do it again anway.

3) There is no guarantee that said book would succeed, but that is the risk all writers take.

4) Which is more important to you, the film project or your degree and the Hearing Times writing?

5) Carpe Dium. Don't regret the things you've done, only the things you didn't do. Because the things you do, at least you know what happened, the things you never do, the choices you never make, you're left wondering what could have been.

I hope that helps, even though I'm pretty sure it won't have o.0

The Plashing Vole said...

Do both! I'm sure you're energetic enough to get both done successfully.

(I've added another paragraph to my piece that you've just commented on).