Thursday, 16 April 2009

Gordon Brown: Has he done the right thing?

Finally, the PM has decided to speak out of the scandal involving his chum MacBride..

Has he done the decent thing or should was he pushed by media intrusion into this announcement? This will be ultimately done to his own judgement following his aside's resignation and time will tell how much of an impact it'll make especially in light of his own personal comeback to win the public over with the finanical 'masterplan'.

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merciless_public said...

I think Brown's been dealt a proper raw deal. Sure he's not the most charismatic, not the most cool, not the atypical tabloid fodder but he's just about what we need now. We don't need some flashy, cocksure, bullshit wielding speaker who tells us all the right things to send us back into our nice little lives with limited worry. Perhaps we need someone steady and 'boring' to steer our ship. He's been elected during the time time of a recession and the Conservatives will do no better with the economy, we've seen them try and fail before. By no means am I a Brown-ite but I think people should leave off him a bit and I know he picked the people around him and Alistar Darling, Milliband brothers et all aren't iconic figures they've been put in their positions for their reasons. I'm unsure when political governments had to be plucked straight from a Ton Clancy book.
None of this really has anything to do with the above post but I just thought I'd think out loud.
PS: I failed Politics at college.