Thursday, 16 April 2009

Herbal Medicine vs. The Met Police

Which is more useful? The ageless requirements for herbal supplements to aid a whole variety of different aspects of the human physical condition or the Police supposedly here to guard us with intense consideration for our needs and well being.

I ask this upon reading many articles in my daily read of the Times and Guardian I come across the Hillsborough South Yorkshire cover up and more tales of Police brutality or culprits escaping justice when clearly their crime was worthy of more a harsher punishment. Does the Police in your opinion do the job it promises that it does; well or beyond restraint therefore it's acting in such a manner as shown by recent G20 frenzy that had everyone up in arms.

Personally I have encountered no problems with regards to local policing except for petty crimes and mindless assaults I have witnessed, I once rang the Police aged around 6, 7 just to see if I could provoke them and sure enough they turned up on my doorstep. Length of timing for a response has considerably increased more so then 13 years ago and the pressures of the job have becoming overwhelming as the hot headed PC showed by hitting an lady who may have a First Class Degree in annoyance it shouldn't of happened.

Now you may wonder why I brought herbal pills into the blog but recently as my tinnitus has become more and more problematic and sleep deprivation become more potent then a Mac Bride smear it has cleared my mind somewhat. I visited the herbal doctor who said nothing just monitored my pulse whilst coming to the conclusion he uttered in Chinese to his assistant that I was a deep thinker who needed to be more free, less stressed and open up more to people. Excellent analysis but no solution that I can see of aside from the illegal substance of skunk or harder sources of drugs which would not be the likely avenue.

Another three weeks she pleaded for me to take my 70 quid 8 x 3 plus 2 x 12 cocktail of pills along with painkillers to null the aches of the dislocated arm I mentioned in my previous blog. I shall see how it goes and perhaps I have encountered something of use for the thousands of sufferers out that.

Likewise we shall see how the Police cope with the media and if tempers are calmed... More chance of my deafness eradicating and Stoke City winning the Premiership next season I say.

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