Friday, 24 April 2009

The Guardian vs. The Times

A question probed by a learned writing friend who knows of my like for reading broadsheets along with the Daily Express (the lady friend reads it) and of course the occasional peek at The Sun's Page Three, 'Which newspaper-if you could perhaps out of your favour ties- would write for if you had to choose?'

To my mind, there are only two choices. Its either the Guardian or the Times.

Interesting, she asked this after I told her of a deaf journalist over at the Guardian who amazingly does not know how she clinched the job after she was taken on a one year reporter trainee but is willing to give details on her experiences for The Hearing Times also shall give details of further trainee ship and Visiting Days.

Nevertheless, the fact is that I have no specific ambition to be a journalist which I admit would a brilliant job and two years ago I would of kissed Susan 'You Tube 100 million views' Boyle just to even get recognized. My ambitions are like the direction of the wind, the only that is consistent is it's unpredictability. However now I wish to pursue becoming a teacher for the Deaf via completing University degree whilst football coaching for NDCS sporting projects and Disability Advocacy alongside deaf mentoring next year.

However what a wonderful side project it would be, I read of a man imprisoned for murder who wrote for the Guardian under anonymous name and now that he has been released, is looking to continue this. If he found the time to write things whilst beatings, stabbings and suicides were rife then surely I could too.

Oh, lets not forget schools are becoming the new prisons. Seen as crime spots hence bouncers being employed by certain ones in South London to stop misbehavior. Ah well, if I'm stabbed during a class I certainly hope I'm teaching something worthwhile and not sexual education considering the curriculum is far too late and most know the ins and outs anyway. Quite literally, we do have the highest teenage pregnancy rate and yet the slowest reacting curriculum in Europe. I'd change that by showing the students at the age of 13 the future - themselves pushing prams/on benefits/robbing old ladies then say "If you wish to be like that, leave the room now please or alternatively if you have a gun or knife in your pocket as I imagine you do... kill yourselves"


Sir Mitchell of Cashmore said...

I'd write for the Private Eye, I think it is my type of publication :)

I'm Ian Hislop with hair and height :)

Demented Demon. said...

Interesting, siree.

merciless_public said...

Private Eye also has very good cartoons and, from the one issue that I've looked at (I know, terrible), they called the BNP right hand men Goebbels and Goering. What's not to like?

Ewarwoowar said...

And the poetry of E.J.Thribb, let us not forget. Blimey, Merciless, I think I've found some poetry I actually appreciate.