Sunday, 12 April 2009

From Disolated Arms to Labour Chaos: Easter 2009

Ah, its Easter a joyus time of celebration for the murder of our beloved Jesus who actually got less publicity then Jade Goody prompting his anger and inveitable return in the shape of 17 year old Fredico Macheda of facebook and Manchester United fame who has emerged to be the most lethal finisher in the last two games. It is such a wonderful occasion that whilst getting dressed on Good Friday I ended up disolating my left arm which I fractured last year in a clash of the titans outside a nightclub with two suprisingly respectable Eastern Europeans who shook my hand at the end of it without realising the inflication of their violent inclinations. Perhaps I deserved it for upsetting them in the first place with my swaggering ways.

My recent agony however was compounded by the fact as I popped my arm back into place without painkillers meant that I blacked out, my body had given up reasoning with my brain.

But not to worry, this blog isn't with its usual political scaremonging. In this case, the dim witted Labour aside of our glorious Prime Minister who admitted to sending naughty emails of his plans of creating a "attack blog" which is strange as they could of easily got in touch with myself and asked for me to slag off any Tories. But Mr McBride didn't just want to create an aura of e-bullying but to cause anarchy with lies of illness. Puzzling how he thought it would be effective.

I mean if someone actually cared of my discolated arm they would be sympthatic? So if his unfounded rumours on Mr George Osbourne's wife being ill would lead to public support like we saw with Miss Goody and Gordon Brown's wife Sarah after her child died very young.

Hopefully McBride is held accountable for this and the likes of him shall never set foot in the House of Lords also surely there should be more checks of emails and shannigans by politicans afterall they are supposed to be in charge of this godforsaken country.

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Phoebe said...

blimey! your arm sounds rather painful. are you in my class?? just wondered how you found my blog. not trying to be offensive, only curious as your blog is very serious and mine is very jovial and just wondered why you would follow mine? lol. and wondered if I knew you as well.
Phoebe :)