Sunday, 26 July 2009

Who would you say, influences your work and ambitions?

I ask this, following more researching of the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood and re-editing of my story whilst embracing the silence and darkness of the early hours of the morning. It was evident they fought for perfection through intense colours and vast complexity. As their influences stemmed from Quattrocento to John Riskin who supported them through his impeccable reputation, I wondered which figures of excellence influence us? I spoke with an film studies student associate, he cited David Fincher and I replied Shakespeare also notifying him of the works of John Milton and William Blake whom have made an impact on me this year at least...

Most certainly admire; the Medieval and Romanticist periods of art and literature not forgetting Neo Classicism and certain Victorian themes. What about you, who has made an impact directly or indirectly on your working life or simply through glorious talent or a specific period in History?

There is a clear absence of inspirational deaf people that we wish to address either through; filming, writing and teaching or campaigning for our rights with view to travelling to find other talented deaf persons, an artist would be perfection. Or maybe we already have these at our disposal, those we know at our University amongst others in the UK albeit hearing as they are extremely talented photographers and artically accomplished, perhaps it is a case of supporting them furthermore with view to receiving similar consideration.

Of course there are your family and friends/associates, they shall forever influence you and provide much advice even the odd compliment. But it is professionally, in whatever it is you wish to do in life, where you come across similar views then perhaps those persons educated you furthermore allowing you to be more confident yet able to be reassuring when you need it. I leave you with one of my favourite paintings; emphasizing the elegance of the Quattrocento style which I hope you agree is stunningly detailed and very beautiful.


Sandy said...

Beautiful painting at the end. I could not understand much of your post though. I find myself inspired by the more modern art-forms like heavy metal music and Hollywood movies.
Not sure that is what you asked, if it's not, I apologize. :)

Ewarwoowar said...

Simon Armitage.

Demented Demon. said...

I'm terribly sorry you did not understand the majority this post, Sandy. I should really restrict myself to writing whilst fully awake at least.

Excellent shout, Ewarwoowar. You know how much I admire him, my friend.