Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Drama, Drama...

The morning after the romantic night before... the setting of mild bliss whilst cooking bacon and poached eggs for the lady was rudely interrupted by a dramatic car chase and sudden eruption of criminality akin to Victorian days. All of which, directly opposite my third floor kitchen in the halls of residence whereby I'm one of few people to stay over the summer months as we could not be apart for long so we moved in together. Now, back to the drama it proved my theory that the BBC Licence fee is not worth paying whilst being a student especially if BBC iplayer, TV Catchup offers similar quality to a TV would do... Within a second, another three police cars arrived on the scene and all 8 officers seized upon the metallic Vauxall Vectra (possibly stolen) and they were looking for something suspicious (the lady said drugs, I say weaponry). The two suspects looked on, arguing and causing a scene which cars driving along the busy street watching with deep interest at the two stereotypical ghetto boys clad in the usual attire.

If that wasn't enough, I had maintenance arriving at my door and if they edged slightly closer they'd seen:

a) The illegality of moving in the lady, it's like the scene in Benjamin Button whereby Brad Pitt's character says "We lived off the mattress" (thats exactly what we do, there is no room for sofas.. young love, eh?).

b) The smashed sink which on top of the £200 they have already charged me for the previous room will total more then the debts of the UK!

Damn them. Now onwards to the gym with associate Mr Thorne and possibly visit Plashing Vole to congratulate him on his birthday, ironically the same day as my mother's.


Sue's Blog said...

Sounds like you don't need a TV at the Halls of residence, just watch the locals up to no good in the streets below! - seems like a regular occurrence sadly.

The Plashing Vole said...

The licence fee pays for iplayer and all the programs on it!