Sunday, 26 July 2009

Kill me now, Satan...

After the weekend bombardment of the livers, feels drinking cider in teacups for breakfast is quite quaint if not ridiculous. The drinking started early Saturday after a fairly healthily eating week of exercise. My brother bought tickets to a heavy metal gig for us both at the Wulfrun, ironically the entire audience shall be suffering this morning with ringing ears. As for my own hearing levels, I predict they are diminishing faster than previously with the aid of musicians high on cocaine, hands raised and voicing their displeasure of the world.

I wonder if the 'mosh pit' heroics will ever spiral into full blown brawl, how it didn't I have no idea. They seem hell bent on pushing each other to death yet when one dropped to the floor, they'd pick that person up possibly to prevent a murder charge and a life of no drugs/booze and women which is precisely the only concerns of every person in that packed darkened hall. Of course I merely stood, motionless in my smart attire staring with puzzlement as to why they were doing this and it wasn't till when I returned home to find what it was called.

Similar displacement of intelligence has occurred within the Labour Party and in their desperation to halt the up-rising of the evil harlot, Death-to you all- Cameron they shall send in the armed forces of Gondor- Whitehall's finest with their ideas and finesse. Too little too late, unfortunately for Gondor Brown. One hopes he sends in henchmen to fight the Tories at some obscure town hall in the UK with all the liars and masters of deceiving killing each other then maybe our nation stands to have a chance.

Now I'm left wondering why I even went, with my head on the verge of exploding and memories of a strange (there were many) chap from Amsterdam discussing his up-bringing when I couldn't of even cared if he was alive or not but booze does that, you feel inclined to talk to these people. Just like the Politics students that have moved into our halls, we feel we have to discuss drunken moments/women/sports with them even if they talk us into a coma with no regards to the actual course they are doing (one failed, re-sitting the year) or even the political downfall of Gondor Brown.

Hope you all had a good weekend; I certainly did but shan't be repeating it anytime soon.

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Sandy said...

My weekend certainly wasn't as eventful as yours. I was writing competitive exams and blogging most of time. Nice to see that you had a blast, hopefully the hangover won't last long.