Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Social Anarchy...

As predicted by Plashing Vole in this exceedingly frightful blog on how the damnation of mankind is upon us

But let's be truthful, we are the reason behind social decline and disorder on the streets. It is up to stop that and there are measures in which we can do so, BBC One's Truth about Crime series has shown that. Can we EVER stop the capitalist vultures and their business 'outsourcing' ideology when we cannot even vote out the BNP up-rising? Our newspaper headlines consists of 'David Cameron says sorry for saying T*at' or a topic of no particular interest regarding our celebrity culture in the tabloids.

Must we admire his honesty or jump on the bandwagon of critics? Lets face it, social networking has no positive bearing on our futures if anything it is detrimental to vital communication and common sense. I have only a Facebook page which was created by a friend a year ago who claimed it was vital at University. He was right, every student living or dead has it.

Even when they venture to nightclubs and bars, I hear them speak of the pictures they have on Facebook before the men go on the rampage for women armed with WKD's whilst the ladies start criticising ex boyfriends. 647 friends yet only 40-50 of them I'm in regular contact if say, I go on holiday for a fortnight with just a mobile phone to keep in touch. The only explanation I have for even venturing on there is to talk with pretty ladies that I knew back home in York or in Birmingham. And when I have a lady of such splendid appeal and looks, is abhorrent.

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Mr Table said...

Steve Flack for President.