Monday, 13 July 2009

New Week yet the same problems...

It's approaching mid July, the peak of the summer temperatures are to come if you believe weather forecast and the jovial fun that surrounds heatwaves to look forward to. But not for the likes of Baha Mousa's family in the Iraqi war torn city of Basra; life shall never be the same from the day he died in a fairly disturbing manner under the brute of our soldiers. This quite appalling video attached to the article I read in the Guardian and heard about in the library today before venturing around town which alerted me to the news as at the time of the media spotlight on the case, I was unaware of it's seriousness;

Clearly the detained are under duress, terribly so in fact with the prevention of drinking, eating or standing in a relaxed way under the almost torturous ways of retaining suspects in these circumstances also 'white noise' is listed as a technique. Now, with tinnitus I know all about that but strangely I wouldn't of thought they would use this which shows how irritating people find white noise and the importance of eradicating tinnitus as my secondary blog set up a month ago showed (with more feedback from charities to be added shortly).

The most heartbreaking part to the story of Mr Mousa's death is the family picture, the two toddlers who shall never get to know their father and will learn of the pitiful handling of his death by the MOD whereby only Cpl Payne was held culpable. Little wonder the extremist and rebels in the Iraqi and Afghan world which to inflict severe damage on our military, they see us as violent tyrants and who can argue with that on the basis of very public court cases like this? Another sign of decline of moral standards in this country, outrageously BNP Leader Nick Griffin has called for boats carrying migrants from Europe to Africa to be sunk... How can one man say these things and live? In Victorian Days, he'd be strung up to the mercy of the baying public.

Finally, in the previous blog I wrote of my researching short stories knowing other examples (of which are fairly brief and dialogue based) whereas mine, noted by Cynical Ben is far more condensed and complex therefore appropriate editing is required before deadline day.

Wish me luck! I shall need it to beat off healthy competition from across the UK maybe even the globe to become Young Persons Writer.

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