Sunday, 5 July 2009

On a calm breezy morning...

Rather than venturing to the park once more, I'm in the process of finding ways to repair my shattered sink with one eye on the Wimbledon final. The dear lady placed a vase with the Pink, White and Red Roses (this goes down a treat with women) I bought her upon my return on the shelf above which fell and now there is a cracked hole. Residential Services shall not be impressed alas I'm searching for DIY stores in the area, my Grandad recommends liquid porcelain in a tube with the only alternative to tell them but the fine would be excessive especially after flooding the kitchen of the previous halls I'd probably be kicked out of University. All just two months before due to move into the posh newly built Victoria Halls. At least the sun is shining however it seems that one man, the alter ego of Plashing Vole does not like the bright, glorious weather:

Vole himself has noted the similarities between them however I'm more concerned that Mitchell seems to be idolising/stalking Vole even with his vividly comparable appearance on the BBC's Mitchell and Webb Show especially with his hair swept to one side.

One such gentleman whom has also concerned me, Gordon Brown our PM. He visited Wolverhampton yesterday, sadly I was relaxing in the park with the lady to go and bombard him with questions which I understand he avoided many anyhow. David Cameron in the Express and Star has commented on this:

Lastly, I thank Cynical Ben for his honest forthright views on my short story- Vendetta of Silence. With someone of his calibre and Vole too, knowing how well read they are it can only help my story develop. He recommended many other short stories that I will look for, I never seem to read anything except the Guardian, the Times and the occasional novel. Ho ho, to the library I go.

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