Thursday, 23 July 2009

In a Past Life...

I'm convinced I was the 4th member of the Pre Raphaelites (there was originally three, I was cut loose due to my violent temper and lack of talent) or maybe even a little known Renaissance writer. What about yourselves? Any distinctive features of your personality that you feel inclined to believe you had a nonsensical/prominent role in history? I was most certainly a soldier; naivety and bravery come in a deadly mix. I need that swagger of a Pre Raphaelite and focused determination- clad in a tonic blazer with white shirt to look smart- in order to convince the Victoria Halls personnel that it was worth building despite the farce surrounding the gas cylinders which in theory could lead to our deaths. If we show enough determination at the meeting today, one hopes they shall in turn display self belief to the council that they shan't give up without a fight and a lengthy expensive court case is the last thing the council need.

The lady, seems have quite an obsession with medical docu shows particularly 'Seaside Rescue' and 'Bizarre ER' also the best- BBC's 'Air Medics' which I must admit to liking as it shows the delightful landscape of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales (along with pain, blood and tears of idiotic drivers and bike riders of which the allure of Yorkshire strikes me evermore). So, is there a programme you feel you HAVE to watch without fail? Upon reading the newspapers, I came across this piece on television of the last 10 years and due to my lack of viewing; many I do not recognize however some plausible options offered.

My own personal Top 6 mainly consists of American Dramas simply because ours isn't of similar standard, their budget dwarfs the Brits with the audience figures they can promise to produce.

1. The Sopranos: It is just perfect, the dialogue and one liner machine Paulie in particular. With the violence, gripping plots and fantastic cast it is the undoubted winner.

2. Peep Show: For comic excellence, you must watch this and every episode ever produce to understand the ways of Mark and Jeremy.

3. Arrested Development: It was criminally underrated and when the Americans cut it, I was bitterly disappointed. So clever and amusing, the best acting cast on the Planet and well shot.

4. Spaced: The making of Simon Pegg; once again underrated but outstanding leading Channel 4 to glory.

5. Spooks: Intelligent viewing that never ceases to amaze with its unrealistic plots that actually, in this terrorist state, isn't too far-fetched.

6. The Wire: Not seen alot of this but it is superbly written within the highest acting calibre.

Narrowly missed out: Mad Men (upcoming brilliance), Early Doors (far better than the Royale Family) also Still Game (Scottish comedy).

Plenty others that I cannot remember at this moment in time... Your suggestions would be most welcome.

UPDATE: The meeting went well, Victoria Halls shall be open for students from the 29th of August.


Natural Blues said...

When Ben asked me, 'Who do you think you were in a previous life', I said oh probably a slave or something.
He comes out with, 'no you are my slave now. How lovely of him.

The Plashing Vole said...

Sopranos, Wire, Spaced, Father Ted, Brass Eye, Black Books, Doctor Who, The Bill, The Adam and Joe Show, Buffy.

I'm sure there are more but my brain's blank…

Sandy said...

Hi, thanks for following my blog The Village Idiot.
One of my favorites, 'Scrubs' is not mentioned though, perhaps our tastes differ.

Benjamin Judge said...

Deadwood, Angel, Peep Show, Flight of the Conchords, Planet Earth, Feltham Sings, Match of the Day, Channel 4 News, Ken Burn's Jazz, and obviously The Wire