Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fortune favours the brave, right?

After a fairly successful day in the gym and job hunting with the lady, I'm now fretting over tomorrow's impending talks with the disability charity 'Skill' comforted by the delightful Pringles new range 'Select' that are Szechuan Barbecue flavoured which I recommend. Marvellous as they are, I cannot help but feel that my desire to be a youth working, website producing and Parliamentary campaign figurehead as they have suggested will lead to incoherent rambling and the odd offensive insult. Also the mere fact I know absolutely nothing of any relevance to the swashbuckling role they aim to smilingly create for me not to mention when my mood is fluctuated enough.

But at least I'm attempting the revalidations of my reputation, gone are the days of my rebellious youth and crazy ways. I wish to help others however the lady commented earlier, of the first time she saw me in the Literature class, no it was not love at first sight but more on the lines of 'You looked like you wanted to hit me', which is discomforting seeing as I need to look pleasant and caring in front of charity bosses. It's difficult enough with my lack of humility!

However, it seems I've already hampered my short journalistic career (well, hardly a career... more of a moonlighting) with my style of writing and manner so the same need not apply for this charity venture. Do I stride in there like I boss the place, looking particularly angered and rather smart or more casual approach with a smile on my face (I shall draw one on) but then I'd be defeated by the overwhelming questions such as 'Would you help the child tie his laces?' when I clearly want to say something damn right nasty but cannot. When you first met me or if you know of my Facebook, does my photos/body language indicate a warm aura or more of a sinister persona? First impressions are everything so your comments please.


Natural Blues said...

You did look like you wanted to hit me, and i was in a bad mood aswell, after a day at work and trip to the dentist. So you probably thought I was a mood cow anyway.

And i'm sure you would be willing to help tie a small childs shoelace.

Some Chilean Woman said...

Have you read/seen Twilight? Don't. But Bella falls for Edward and I swear she later says, 'you looked like you wanted to hit me'....

Just be yourself, unless you don't smile, then be some one else.