Monday, 27 July 2009

Plans are in place...

Next Monday shall be the finest day of my short life, a trip to London for a tour of the House of Lords whereby I shall give my death stare to all the MPs but shake the hand of Sir Alan Sugar, the Earl of F*ck All. It is all to do with the political lobbying campaign of my charity, 'Skill' so we shall all meet in the glamorous surroundings to discuss matters and meet with Baroness Uddin.

The Youth Participation Worker, whom I've met once before must of been incredibly impressed as she emailed this: 'We want you to get involved in the campaign and to help with design, management, promotion of it – either face to face or online, whatever you would prefer!!'. Marvellous, I thought but hell I don't see Gondor Brown and his evil henchmen designing their bloody campaign or leading the PR charge on the streets. Not to worry, I shall write the campaign manifesto then suggest (perhaps threateningly) that I lead the lobbying protest, after all that's how Gondor Brown works and who's to disagree with his 'laddish' ways as Caroline Flint put it.

One particular walkabout, I shall be looking to visit shall Mr Mandelson to tell him the plans to rise tuition fees would push students to breaking point and deter many others from applying. Not that he'd listen of course.

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Sandy said...

Sounds like an evil plot to take over the world lol! Need a partner in crime? Or even a side-kick? Do let me know ;)