Monday, 20 July 2009

Where is our salvation?

We are all victims of a raging and deeply unforgiving bourgeois world. One where, a good deed turns into a nightmare and a charming beautiful person could be your greatest enemy. We mask this with our tendency to drink or work too many hours, frequently sleep with another human being (perhaps more) whilst growing older we then we die in the least troubled way we can.

Epitomised by the show I'm currently watching amidst a usual bout of insomniac - the BBC's The Street for the simple reason Anna Friel is starring in this week’s episode. The pretty thing is caught in an impossible situation of trying to keep ends meet, "I'm not on crack, it's worse than that. It's called two kids and a mortgage" said she. Typically for hard hitting dramas, she sleeps around for money only to be caught when her boyfriend's father is one of her customers leading to resentment, guilt and blackmail. Leading to turmoils with her new boyfriend and with a script as good as the Street, it doesn't matter the show isn't shot beautifully or set like CSI Miami because it picks upon the downbeat mood that all relationships seem to have... even mine.

Hence why the move to Victoria Halls was like a fresh start from the enclosure of student halls where we moved in together only three, four months into the relationship, how many people do you know would move in together after so little amount of time? The stress of the possible collapse of the new halls as I stated in my previous blog and my flirty ways aside, it has gone very well and I'd recommend to all students that once they find someone worth keeping to do right by that person.

Now I've been accused before but sadly, that is as close as welcoming to my inner soul as you shall get. For expressionism of feelings, emotions and plenty more besides... visit Cosmo and the like. Perhaps even, a blog which I find greatly entertaining by a very honest and forthright woman.

God, it seems the dreaded Tories are heading back to the top. But I tempted to see how they would do and any probable changes they would enforce to allow the public spending levels to be lessened yet not drastically so. Will Cameron stoke the fires and launch a Blitz style togetherness rallying the cause against the Tories' idea of cancer personified- Gordon Brown.

On the basis of this performance, I would envisage a role in the House of Lords or more likely as ambassador Sport England for Mr Andrew Flintoff. Especially if Sir Alan Sugar can land one then I see no reason not... forgetting his outspoken ways, he'd be an inspiration to the youngsters.

From my schooling, I have a passing interest in biology as well as my literature, sporting and women. As research for my latest short story, I read about pathophysiology which as I quote is an 'overproduction of collagen by fibroblasts in affected tissues is common to all forms of morphea' strangely sounds like the Labour Party. Thus, an overproduction of its own self hype joyfully celebrating the boom years despite credit spiralling in affecting regions of the once proud nation which is common to all forms of illogical management and GREED (numerous incidents cite this, this blog wrote of the expense fiasco to name one). Question is, can we truthfully trust the Conservatives or it is because they are the only alternative also if they win the General Election will they be given the time before cynics cast them aside?


Natural Blues said...

It's a good job I love you x

Some Chilean Woman said...

We moved in together about 8 months after we met, but we would have done it earlier had we not been separated by the Atlantic ocean.

Thanks for the mention!